23rd Birthday @ Thirty8, Grand Hyatt

I may be about 2 months too late but I do want to share about a truly amazing birthday surprise. As my 23rd birthday came to view, I noticed my dear girlfriend was busy on the phone. I never really gave it much thought about what she was doing (perhaps ordering some girls stuff via the telephone?). However, I didn't know she was planning a surprise for my birthday. 

On the day itself, she dressed herself up really splendidly. I on the other hand managed to put on a shirt and a pair of jeans (the male effort of dressing up splendidly). She set the GPS for me and I just followed it all the way until we found ourselves at the entrance of the Grand Hyatt @ Kuala Lumpur. Mouth left ajar, I began to question what did she do (I'm a frugal person so places like the Grand Hyatt would rarely appear on my list). 

Entering the lift, we went up to the 38th floor and that was when I realised that there was such a restaurant called Thirty8. Unbeknownst to the general people like you and me, this restaurant basically caters for people with a strong taste in fine dining. As we reached the top floor, we were greeted warmly by the staff who I presume had to present an aura of posh and finesse in their speech and actions.

Clearly, my dearest boo had really placed a lot of effort in making the night perfect. As we were shown to our table, we were greeted with rose petals and a breathtaking view (I didn't take a photo of the view but you will see it in a while). 

The set up was rather post as well with very high quality silverware and ceramics to complement the ambiance (left). 
Additionally, dear boo made it her best effort to put on her best dress which coincidentally matched he colours of the decor (right). 

Upon receiving the menu, I wasted no time scanning through for the meal selection. It became awfully clear that the food here is something that I would not normally eat or to be exact, never eat. 

A bowl of soup for example would set you back MYR40 - 50 (US$10 - 12 at present rates). 

A main course would cost a minimum of MYR90 (US$ 22.50) for the simplest dish, climbing up to about MYR150 (US$37.50) for a normal dish. 

Desserts would range between MYR40 - 150 (US$10-37.50) and would come in the form of something creamy, icy or cakey (if that's even a word). 

Of course, drinks are aplenty with water being the cheapest and a fine selection of wine and liquor for the ones who wish to spend more.

After a while of pondering, I finally settled for some interesting looking rice and noodles (you cannot remove the Asian side of me). And from the images below, you can't remove the Asian part of the two of us. 

Udon and Rice. 2 awesome combinations which basically represent the mixture of both the staple base of the Asian culture. 

Another thing which made the celebration ever more awesome was the fact boo boo chose a place overlooking the Petronas Towers. An addict for architecture and engineering, this view made it ever more pleasant. 

For now, I will let the photos do the talking:

The lovely birthday cake dessert which comes complete with a singing waiter.

Thanks to this lovely girl for making this one of the most memorable birthdays ever. I truly had a time of my life.


Ever photogenic, the night would not be completed with some portrait shots.

As I close this post for the night, I can't help but wonder what I have done in my life to deserve such an amazing girl. In all aspects of hardship she has always been there by my side. Thank you for everything, badaboo. 

Till my next post, cheers. 


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