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Graduation Day

This post may have come a bit late (or very late), but I feel that it needs to be posted to commemorate something that does not come very often. After spending 5 years in INTI, I have finally reached the time when I walked onto the stage as my predecessors have to receive the, "scroll of completion." To be honest, when I first joined the university, I was left in a predicament; "Where do I go from here?" It is a known fact that back in high school, I was somewhat of a slacker and a person without a heading. I have seen numerous batches of my seniors graduating during my time in university. To myself, I ask, "When will it be my turn?"

In November 2014, after nearly 5 years in INTI, my question has been answered. I remembered vividly as I nervously collected the graduation gown. After fastening the robe and cape, I entered the Sports Hall holding the graduating cohort prior to the ceremony. Seeing my classmates all dressed their best brings back the memories and moments we have all been through side by side to achieve 

The moment of glory as I went up on the stage to collect the million dollar scroll. Years of hard work, money and effort went down to this moment. It was an honour to have been able to shake the hands of Chancellor Arshad Ayub. One of the visionaries and advocates for better education in Malaysia, shaking his hand is one item off my bucket list. Shaking his hand, he whispered in a hushed but assuring tone, "Congratulations, you have made it!" It felt surreal to be able to stand in front of a cohort of thousands. As I walked off the stage, I raised my scroll up high with the proclamation of success in my heart.

For now, I shall let the photos do the talking. 

It is indeed great to have been able to graduate in the presence of my dearest family. Thanks mum and dad for coming all the way down to Nilai to be a part of the festivities.

Additionally, I am truly humbled by the presence of my younger brother who took time off from his studies at the National University of Singapore to attend my graduation. Love you very much, baby bro. Take care and Godspeed.

Also a big thanks to my dear Melibee who made the effort to travel all the way from Ipoh to be a part of this auspicious event. Thank you for following me around and helping me with photos. Thank you for making life ever more better.

First shot, the customary graduation portrait. I was initially hoping for something a little different but then again, this is the cliche classic. One day down the line, I'm sure I will look back thinking how awesome this moment would have been.

Of course, the graduation photo would not be complete without a family portrait. It is interesting to know that graduation to parents are one of the proudest moments for them. 

Current Head of Programme for International Business and Business Administration, Mr. Mehdi taking the customary, "I hereby grant you your freedom with these 2 pieces of paper."

I'd like to also take this moment to extend my congratulations to the graduating batch of 2014. You guys have made it thus far with the spirit that could move mountains.

Friends from my foundation years. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

Me an Eling. We call her tortoise. The amazing part of it all is that nearly a year later, we are working in the same office building.

The guys who are graduating. Bachelors of International Business (Hons) from INTI and the University of Hertfordshire. It's definitely been a treat and a pleasure. Sien Han on the left is living in the same apartment block as me now. Small world eh?

Buddies from Foundation in Business and Information Technology, batch of January 2010. One of the last remaining ones from the Jan 10 batch to graduate if I am not mistaken.

Combination shot with all the INTI Pre-U students. We all joined in 2010 and we all left together hand in hand. Truly memorable. 

Yan Kee (Yankee), a friend whom I never would have the honour of knowing if I didn't turn my head around in class and ask, do you have the timetable. We come from the same hometown and it's indeed cool to see a fellow Ipohan graduate together. 

And now, some photos with some buddies who made the graduation ceremony complete

Me and Yugaataran. This fella and Shugan are the terrorists who wake me up at the most un-Godly hours to either go for supper, catch a movie or midnight photography. Will be late for morning class the following day but these are the guys who made uni life fun.

The 3 Presidents of the INTIMA Student Government. From left: President Tafara (17th President), President Nelly Teo (18th President) and me (16th President). It's awesome to know that so many councils have passed since I stepped up as President. Great memories which I can cherish for a very long time. 

16th INTIMA Vice-President of Administration and Services or in other words, my right hand man (girl), Naheeda who joined INTI the same time as me and graduated the same time. Despite the differences and similarities, we pulled through. 

Rolling around with an awesome gang. Shaz, Roxy and buddy. Thanks so much for coming. Wishing the rest of the gang could attend. Thank you for all the late night makan sessions, hanging out and study group moments. 

Miss Floe. A lady with an awesome voice and a true friend indeed. Keep the spirits up and never give up in pursuing your dreams. Should really find time to catch up.

My dear classmates who saw me to the end of the journey. Looking forward to seeing you all in the career world. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.

Picture with Eva Khoo. A girl who knows no boundaries when it comes to achieving success. Determined and steadfast in achieving a bright future, I wish you all the best, my friend.

Apparently, I have more female friends than male friends. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? ~cheeky smile~

Falling asleep when Tafara takes a photo with me? I would say that this is an issue with timing of the shot. It's just perfect.

We can because we are all awesome.

It's photos like these that you will keep to remind yourself of an awesome moment. Yes, I do sweat a lot and yes, she's wiping off the sweat. 

One for the history books. Thank you for accompanying me to such an important event, boo boo. P.S. Are you really that tall? 

Class of 2014, people. Class of 2014. Please note that I am not that fat. It's just that the robe makes me look very puffy.

Skype call with Johnson. My fellow lecturer whom I abandoned to return to Malaysia ~temporarily~ for my convocation. If my memory serves, he had just woken up when we were Skyping.

At present, in everything that I do, I look back at what led me to where I am today. Throughout the years in university, I find it absolutely necessary to extend my utmost gratitude to the lecturers who have the undying spirit and patience to bestow upon us the knowledge and experience needed to face the working world. 

Miss San Dar Wyn, law lecturer. She made every International Trade Law class as memorable as the next. 

Dr. Ng Sing Huei. Finance lecturer who would teach you not only the basis of finance but how to make an investment pay off. Truly amazing to learn from him. 

A final photo with the staff members and lecturers of the Faculty of Business, Communication and Law (FOBCAL). For 3 years or so, this place has been home for us International Business students and the staff have been more than accommodating to assist us whenever they can. 

Additionally, the list of people who have made university life awesome spans beyond the classroom and faculty. For me, they come in the form of counsellors. 

Miss Mee Hwa of the counselling centre. She has amazing advice and was always ready to hear my thoughts and feelings which were of most times, related to the daunting amount of assignments and uncooperative team members. If only I had known that the working world was going to be worse, I would have saved up all the bellyaching I had.

Kak Siti. She's always there to lend you an ear while giving you some things to ponder over. She is great at planning awesome events as well as keeping the rowdy guys in check.

With all that said, I'd like to draw my blog post to a close. But before that:

A photo with my beloved grandma. She has always nurtured me on the importance of education and today, I was indeed proud to be able to wear my convocation robe for her to see. She may find it hard to smile after so many years but I was happy when she told me how proud she was of my success.

All in all, it was indeed a happy event. To all the graduates, you have my best wishes for your success. Thank you for reading and till my next post. Cheers.


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