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Graduation Day

This post may have come a bit late (or very late), but I feel that it needs to be posted to commemorate something that does not come very often. After spending 5 years in INTI, I have finally reached the time when I walked onto the stage as my predecessors have to receive the, "scroll of completion." To be honest, when I first joined the university, I was left in a predicament; "Where do I go from here?" It is a known fact that back in high school, I was somewhat of a slacker and a person without a heading. I have seen numerous batches of my seniors graduating during my time in university. To myself, I ask, "When will it be my turn?"

In November 2014, after nearly 5 years in INTI, my question has been answered. I remembered vividly as I nervously collected the graduation gown. After fastening the robe and cape, I entered the Sports Hall holding the graduating cohort prior to the ceremony. Seeing my classmates all dressed their best brings back the memori…

Look Into A Mirror.... What Do You See?

There comes many a times when we feel down and out. We let our thoughts overpower us and remove our motivation to move forward. Our human nature works like that. We tend not to be able to rationalize on our thoughts but if we do not make an effort to think for the better, we head down the path towards depression. 
Sometimes, we feel like the best thing to do is give up Sometimes, we feel like being alone is the best thing for us Sometimes, we feel like walking away will ease the pain Sometimes, we feel like vengeance is the only justice.
To explain this, allow me to recap a moment I shared with my friend. He's recently engaged to a girl he met in college and they've been going out for a couple of years now. I know many of your would be thinking, "So what? Everyone starts in a relationship sometime and somewhere."
You see, his relationship, like many others out there, is filled with arguments, mistrust and cold wars. I can't blame him. He was somewhat of a popula…