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A Test Drive Weekend

For many petrol-heads as well as car enthusiasts, Naza Automania is an event to look forward to as Naza World (the importer of super awesome sports and continental cars; as well as supercars). 

Anyway, a few days before the event, I received a call and email from Alyna, the account manager for Maserati Naza World. Apparently, it was an invitation to purchase Ferrari's and Maserati's at discounted prices. Did I also mention that this was an exclusive offers for their select clienteles. At first, I was just considering (it's not easy to immediately place down an order for one of these on such short notice) but when they said that test drives were already arranged for the clients, I was sold on the idea. Brought biggyboo along with me.

So, upon reaching the place, there was an allocated parking spot right next to the entrance. Quite nice wonderful treatment from the staff there with a dedicated counter to serve invited guests. Interestingly, when we went in, we were greeted …