This post may have come really late but I will not feel at ease if I were to let it slip.

This also marked the last day of my university life and despite heaving a sigh of relief that I managed to pull through it all, I was indeed heavy hearted that the roller coaster ride had come to an end, marking the start of a new chapter in my life. Walking through the corridors of the university one last time, I can't help but reminisce on the happy moments I had during my years in university.

One of the last times I will ever enter this hall for an exam. The next time I enter here will be for my graduation ceremony.

Managed to have lunch with my international buddies before we ended the semester. Thanks for coming down all the way from Germany, Jenni and Lisa. I hope to have been able to give you a wonderful semester experience in Malaysia as you have given me when I was in Germany. Have a safe flight back and thank you for the friendship you have granted me.

Meet my friends from around the world. Jenni and Lisa from Germany. Tafara from Zimbabwe and Sara from...erm...Malaysia. Heh! Heh!

At the end of the exam, one of hardest things to do is to say goodbye to the very people that you entered university with. For the past 3 years, these were the very same people who had given me a reason to strive and a reason to move forward.

We entered degree on the same day together and we graduated from university 3 years later together. It truly has been an honour. Note Mr. Mehdi (current Head of Programme for Business Admin and International Business Programme in the rear photobombing us)

Left: Paveena or 'Puffs' as we like to call her. Right: The last of the Foundation Jan 2010 batch.

The friendships we have made along the way will definitely be one I will keep dearly in my heart. To the numerous friends that I have met along the way, it is you who have made my stay in INTI truly magnificent.

Anyway, in the evening, my dearest friends took me out to Connaught Street Night Market for some rest and relaxation. To my shock, my dear boo was there to surprise me. Apparently, she drove down all the way from Ipoh to celebrate my birthday. We went to have our dinner at Fish & Co. @ Pavilion. After that, went over to dear boos apartment @ Dutamas for the birthday celebration. I am truly blessed to have such amazing friends and loved ones who are willing to go through so much just for a birthday.

Well, I guess I should let the pictures do the talking:

Surprise Birthday Cake. If you look closely, Loki actually wants a slice.

By best interpretation of a surprised look. When you have spent most of your time grimacing, a look of surprise take time to carve.

The Friendship Forever Gang. Love you guys to the max. Why?

You're funny and crazy, cheerful and whacky, nutty and loving all at the same time.

"Dey, we already got the nutty part guys. Chill."

It definitely took a while for me to post this but looking back, I smile with nostalgia that I was a part of such an amazing group of friends. In life, we should not forget the moments we have fallen but we should never forget the people who have raised us up again. To the amazing people in my life, this goes out to you. Cheers :D


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