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23rd Birthday @ Thirty8, Grand Hyatt

I may be about 2 months too late but I do want to share about a truly amazing birthday surprise. As my 23rd birthday came to view, I noticed my dear girlfriend was busy on the phone. I never really gave it much thought about what she was doing (perhaps ordering some girls stuff via the telephone?). However, I didn't know she was planning a surprise for my birthday. 

On the day itself, she dressed herself up really splendidly. I on the other hand managed to put on a shirt and a pair of jeans (the male effort of dressing up splendidly). She set the GPS for me and I just followed it all the way until we found ourselves at the entrance of the Grand Hyatt @ Kuala Lumpur. Mouth left ajar, I began to question what did she do (I'm a frugal person so places like the Grand Hyatt would rarely appear on my list). 
Entering the lift, we went up to the 38th floor and that was when I realised that there was such a restaurant called Thirty8. Unbeknownst to the general people like you and me, th…

Graduation Day

This post may have come a bit late (or very late), but I feel that it needs to be posted to commemorate something that does not come very often. After spending 5 years in INTI, I have finally reached the time when I walked onto the stage as my predecessors have to receive the, "scroll of completion." To be honest, when I first joined the university, I was left in a predicament; "Where do I go from here?" It is a known fact that back in high school, I was somewhat of a slacker and a person without a heading. I have seen numerous batches of my seniors graduating during my time in university. To myself, I ask, "When will it be my turn?"

In November 2014, after nearly 5 years in INTI, my question has been answered. I remembered vividly as I nervously collected the graduation gown. After fastening the robe and cape, I entered the Sports Hall holding the graduating cohort prior to the ceremony. Seeing my classmates all dressed their best brings back the memori…