Distasteful but is this really real?

One day more to the alleged boycott of McDonald's Malaysia by the masses. By now, the news of "intelligent" protesters trying to break down doors of McD outlets as well as those who literally spit on employees working at McD (and all other "Jewish") outlets has reached the masses. Tomorrow is the day to see these protesters become "heroes." To me, what would I do? I'm just going to the nearby McDonald's and getting a McValue Lunch and I am going to leave a big tip for the workers there. Before the "heroic" protesters begin to blame this "Cina", allow me to elaborate my stand.


From what we have learned in business, no business would fund a war unless it is through taxes paid to a government (as far as I know). Considering that the world stands with Gaza, it would be ridiculous to actually fund the Israeli's let alone be associated to them. I guess the board of director's at McD must have taken leave of their senses. But more importantly, were is the evidence and proof that McDonald's is actually funding the war effort. I appeal to the "heroic bravehearts" involved in the boycott tomorrow to show us the evidence of the involvement of not only McD but also the other Jewish corporations.

By now, some will curse and say, what about HSBC who cut funding to pro-Palestine Groups? Once again, this supports my stand that multinational businesses opt not to support a war regardless of which side. Deutsche Bank cuts investment ties with Israeli Banks, HSBC did the same with pro-Palestinian Groups. This is the cruel reality of the business world whereby money and profit is more important than taking sides.


I remember a friend who worked part time in McDonald's to pay off his university loan. His parents are not really well to do but he does his best to lighten the burden back home at the kampung (village). Working in McD is a gruelling task. In your shift, you take orders, prepare meals, get scolding from customers, clean the toilets, work the drive-thru, clean up children vomit and of course, frequently clean the tables (for Malaysians who do not know how to clean-up after themselves). At the end of the shift, they are close to exhausted but they know that tomorrow, the whole thing starts all over again.

Ask yourself these questions, "Have you ever tipped a McD worker before? Have you ever smiled at them? Have you ever asked them how their day is?" The answer is clear. However, I am appalled because of this so called "boycott for justice", you have the nerve to spit into their faces. What kind of a creature are you to have the nerve to treat a fellow Malaysian earning an honest living like that?

The boycott will eventually lead to a surplus of workers in the outlets. Layoffs will occur and those who depend on McDonald's as a source of income will eventually be cast out into the unemployed group. University students may not get paid and fathers/mothers working hard to make ends meet will be left without an option. As Malaysians we proudly proclaim to be compassionate for people thousands of miles away but have the cheek to condemn your own countrymen. Irony bounds.


The domino effect is now in motion. Imagine if no one eats McDonald's for a sustained period, there will be no need for raw material supply. This will lea to another layoff in the workforce. Soon enough, there will be dent in the Malaysian economy should the boycott be successful on all so-called "Jewish" businesses. Will Malaysia be able to provide the same number of jobs they have taken away from the now unemployed workers? Will they be able to compensate honest Malaysian businesses that supply this franchise giant? As the saying goes, "Cut of the head and the body dies along with it"


I begin to question again the ultimate aim of this boycott. Assuming that the "heroes" can provide us with reasonable evidence that each McChicken burger is converted to bullets for Israel, what do you hope to achieve from this boycott? Will McDonald's Corporation hear the plight of McDonald's Malaysia? Standard operation states that if a market proves to be too unfavourable and costly to rescue, a corporation should uproot in favour of other markets. If this does happen, the blood of the unemployed will be on the hands of the boycotters. Needless to say, the success of this boycott will affect the future of our economy as well.

At the end of the day, I am neither supporting Israel or Hamas but I support the right of all humans to live peacefully without fear of prosecution, disharmony or death. So what am I going to do tomorrow? I think I will step into the nearby McDonald's, get myself a meal and tip the McD workers. After all, they are an essential component of the Malaysian community who have been painted in the wrong colour. To all Malaysians, I wish you peace and a great day ahead.

To the boycotters, please think long and hard. Is this the right path and will it bring more good than harm? Why not pull your effort together to raise funds for Palestine? Just my two cents.

The next company to be boycotted?


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