The Day I Walked Out As A New Man

7th May 2014 marked the day I walk out of the exam hall for the last time in my life as a university student. International Management was the last paper. It felt quite good actually, the first paper I took when I joined in January 2010 was Management and I left taking International Management. The moment the invigilator announced the end of the exam, I heaved a sigh of relief. The long sprint was one with ups and downs. As I reach the end, I am overwhelmed with mixed feelings of relief and sadness.

3 times a year, I would walk into this same hall with the same mission in mind. I should be happy that the end has arrived. But I will definitely miss this place dearly. It was the place I had my first orientation and it will be the place I end my university chapter. So much nostalgia.

I walked out of the hall with the very people who fought alongside me during this endeavour of epic proportions. As I gazed out towards the buildings that make up the campus, I reminisce vividly on the first day I joined INTI. I joined INTI as a mere Foundation student with the dream to achieve more than I could ever be. To trace back my life as a high school student, it was not illustrious nor did I do well in my studies. I remember how people labelled me as a dropout and an incompetent idiot.

INTI seemed like my final chance to change my life and indeed it has. I was able to discover a side of me that I never knew existed. The part of me who could reason and logically attempt any problem faced. It all started with the friends I first met.

The first outing I had in the year 2010 with my Pre-University friends. Coming from different backgrounds, it became clear that every single one of them had a different experience in life and could offer different life lessons along the way.

Interestingly, I was able to bring my studies back up as compared to high school. I used to be told that my ideas are contradicting what is required by the education ministry. In INTI, I was given the opportunity to expand my line of thought to literally infinite possibilities. This indirectly placed me on the Deans Honour Roll, every semester, without fail (not bragging but I am recapping back my ambitious and illustrious history so please bear with me).

Awards Presentation Ceremony. Technically, I attend it to receive my honorary certificate of appreciation from the Vice-Chancellor. In reality, I attend it for the free buffet that comes at the end of the ceremony. We university students never pass off a free meal. 

Along the way, I made new friends including a sister whom there is no equal. Tricia and I met since 2010, but officially became brother and sister in 2011. I remember vividly the numerous questions she would ask me. She had so much passion to learn and we would chat for hours on financing, cars and leadership. We definitely had a lot in common but most importantly, she reminded me of myself when I first joined INTI; as a young student wanting to learn everything the world had to offer. But through thick and thin, she taught me that happiness outweighs the demand for hollow success.

She ain't heavy, she's my sister. I remembered how we competed on who would graduate first. Looks like you beat me to it and I am truly proud of you. Thank you for the wonderful years and apologies for the irritation I have caused you. Take care and God bless.

Over the years, I remembered joining numerous clubs and societies to further enhanced my personal skills. Eventually, I became President of my university's Student Government. The memory and experience of campaigning and getting elected into power is as overwhelming as managing the Student Government itself. If I were to write about this, you'd probably fall asleep so I'd leave it either for later or never.

The Friendship Forever Gang. From left, Jiong Sheng, Shaz, Roxy, Terry and Eunice. My dear boo boo Melissa is next to me holding the cake. This is a gang of elite friends whom I strongly believe there will be no equal

The last few days in INTI was definitely one with mixed feelings. On one hand, I am truly happy to be finally graduating from university. On the other hand, I am sad that I am leaving behind not only a heritage but a lifestyle I have grown used to. Life goes on as they always say but sometimes, I just wish I can stay in the present and not move forward to the future.

Looking back, the greatest blessing for me is the fact that I was given the opportunity to be friends with people who have made my journey towards the future one which will always be etched in my memory.

When I first joined INTI in 2010, I made friends who would teach me what it felt like to fight alongside one another and to be let down. Also, I weighed a lot less in the past.

The first event I organised as a foundation student. F-Night set the benchmark for all other foundation events to follow. I was truly fortunate to be the Project Manager.

Being a component of the first batch of I-Crew managers was definitely something historically appealing to me. We were proudly the pioneers who believed in being different.

Success is a constant with goes along with friendship, which was one of the most essential things we value among classmates. Good luck guys.

My wonderful debate team and the two awesome debate organisers, Terry and Eunice, who became my best friends.

I got the chance to further my studies to Germany. It was definitely a memorable experience which has taught me so much.

Just as I have managed to travel to Germany, I also managed to convince some German friends to have some faith in my country as well. Thank you Lisa und Jenni.

The photos above are just some of the memories I have obtained throughout my years in university. Today, a new chapter opens up for me and hopefully, it will be one which will be both meaningful and filled with achievements. I could no have got this far without the help of my family, loved ones and friends. Please stay in touch and I thank everyone who has contributed to where I am today. Take care and until my next post. Cheers^^


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