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The Day I Walked Out As A New Man

7th May 2014 marked the day I walk out of the exam hall for the last time in my life as a university student. International Management was the last paper. It felt quite good actually, the first paper I took when I joined in January 2010 was Management and I left taking International Management. The moment the invigilator announced the end of the exam, I heaved a sigh of relief. The long sprint was one with ups and downs. As I reach the end, I am overwhelmed with mixed feelings of relief and sadness.

3 times a year, I would walk into this same hall with the same mission in mind. I should be happy that the end has arrived. But I will definitely miss this place dearly. It was the place I had my first orientation and it will be the place I end my university chapter. So much nostalgia.

I walked out of the hall with the very people who fought alongside me during this endeavour of epic proportions. As I gazed out towards the buildings that make up the campus, I reminisce vividly on the firs…