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Heading Home - An Adventure

This post may come a bit late but I wanted to write a short experience on my most recent trip back to Ipoh before it faded from my mind. The effort that went into the trip was not one that I feel should go unwritten.

Typical expression of the day. When you are busy, you tend to push yourself to the ragged edge.
On 14th March 2014, I made a decision to return to Ipoh to visit my girlfriend. As a boyfriend, it hurts to see your girlfriend in the hospital and in pain. So, at the end of a long and strenuous 4 hour class at 6.00 pm, I grabbed my heavy luggage and proceeded to the bus-stop. Fortunately, my friend Shaza was kind enough to offer me a ride to the train station. 
"That's what bros are for. We are there in your time of need," I remembered him telling me. 
He was definitely right. If it were't for him, I would have fell asleep on the bus heading to the train station. Buying a MYR12.50, ticket for the express train, I soon found myself rumbling towards Kuala Lump…