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Review–Pentahotel Hong Kong (Kowloon)

This is my first time doing this sort of a review so please bear with me and do give me your most honest feedback (should there be any). During my recent trip to Hong Kong, I was staying in a rather unique boutique hotel with a superb concept.

Penta-Hotel Main Page

An Overview
Pentahotel Hong Kong (Kowloon) is situated in an area known as Diamond Hill in Kowloon, the price for the night is significantly cheaper than the hotels on the main island of Hong Kong. Situated inconspicuously among factory and warehouses, privacy and peace are essential guarantees of this hotel.  The hotel boasts a towering 32-floors in height and a total of 695 guest rooms. Despite the building being 32 floors high, there are 6 elevators ensuring that no one has to wait more than a minute before getting an elevator. Accompanying facilities include a convenience store, recreation room, a cafe, a pizza bar and conference facilities. Further details will be listed at the end of the review.

First Impressions
The main entrance of the hotel is rather unconventional. You pass a stretch of machinery factories before coming into a tunnel like main entrance. The main entrance of the hotel does not lead directly to the lobby but an open waiting area and a small deli which serves really interesting ‘Italian-style’ food. The reception and lobby is situated one floor above which may seem rather strange for travellers used to the ‘I like the reception by the main door’ concept.


Rustic and dim interior may be unpleasant for some but it adds on to the homely and unique concept the hotel is known for

All of the interior decoration and furniture resembles a recycled plus ‘steampunk’ era style layout. The vintage + modern crossover is well blended which gives this hotel its signature and homely touch. Most interestingly, the staff at this hotel are proficient in English making them wonderful people to communicate to.

Interesting feedback and suggestions on where to eat, where to go and how to get there is also available from the front desk. They can arrange transport as well as get you a map and special travellers discounts (subject to availability) if requested. And now, we proceed to entering the room.

The Room
We were housed in a Standard Room (there are options of bigger and much more expensive rooms but assuming that you are a traveller on a tight budget, the standard room is good enough). Upon entering the room, you will realize that it brings you back to the reality of Hong Kong life. The room is rather compact making it just about enough to fit 2 people comfortably (both me and my younger brother tower at about 6 feet in height). However, you will notice that the placement of the items in the room is aimed at the space saving concept which gives the impression of a spacious room (if you are they Eastern & Oriental and Shangri-La type, I can assure you that this hotel is not for you).


Room as seen with an occupant living inside along with luggage (credits to my younger brother Kenny for invading the bed before I could complete the shots)

Secondly, the bed is really comfortable comparing to other hotels of their standard. It is wide enough to fit a person with a 48-inch waistline (estimate from my 34-inch waistline) and soft enough to make you feel right at home. The pillows are exceptionally soft and you’d need 2 pillows to at least elevate your head. If you require more pillows, there is an extra one that comes with the room or you can just request it from the front desk.


Apologies for the messy bed. I forgot to photograph it before lying down on it

Another unique part of the room is that they have a bay window seat for you to recline and enjoy the view of the city. Basically, the higher the floor (the more expensive the room) the better the view. Besides being a clever addition which adds to the comfort, it is also rather practical as you can place your personal belongings by your bedside. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, I am sure you can get additional ideas on what to do (if you get what I mean).


Long enough for me to recline upon and enjoy the view outside

The writing desk is generously portioned and is placed in a space saving format. I particularly love the way that they incorporated a glass frame into the design as well as a old scene of Hong Kong as a wallpaper. The size of the table itself is also rather large to hold 2 laptops and a whole lot of other items at the same time. The chair is made of aluminium which can get really cold in an air conditioned room (or during the Winter season in Hong Kong). Another downside is that the table lacks drawers but has conveniently placed the minibar right next you.


In terms of room amenities, this is the first hotel room I have been which caters to the needs of the modern generation. Firstly, when we travel, gone are the days when we travel with nothing more than our luggage, camera and travel documents. Now, we carry along a mobile phone (sometimes more than one), a tablet, a notebook and a portable music player, just to name a few. As a result, we’d need numerous charging ports just to keep all our devices powered up. Pentahotel understands this need and has ensured that all their rooms possess an array of power sockets located at the most convenient places.


Three charge ports on the table. There are another 5 more ports around the room and by the bedside which I did not manage to photograph. Total is 8 ports which is sufficient for most travellers

Accompanying the power plugs is another interesting amenity that you won’t find in many hotels. An alarm clock. Not just any alarm clock, a Philips Alarm Clock/MP3 Player with Apple Device Compatibility. Though this may be a put off to the Samsung Users, I’d like to reiterate my stance whereby this device is also MP3 Compatible (Bluetooth) meaning you can wirelessly play music or sync some songs to the alarm clock itself (not so dull eh?). However, as for me, nothing beats ending a tiring day of sightseeing with some relaxing tunes.


One device which should be made standard at all hotels around the world. IPhone not included (unfortunately)

Other Room Amenities
Now that I have highlighted the interesting parts of this hotel, I shall let the photos and short descriptions explain the rest:

You get your standard array of bedside items namely TV Remote, memo pad, black ballpoint pen and an idiot-proof phone with enough detailed explanation to put a thesis report to shame. Included in the package is a card you leave on the bed if you want to have your bed-linens changed and a TV-guide. Also note that the switches to control the lights are available for both occupants (left and right switches). There is also a reading light directly above the table and a bedtime light underneath the bedside table.



Another essential is complimentary drinking water, water kettle, two mugs and an array of coffee and tea (complimentary as well). The coffee provided is NESCAFE Gold and comes in both 3-in-1 and coffee bag (for those who like to brew their own coffee). Sugar and creamer comes as standard. English Breakfast and Earl Grey are available for the more British infused and jasmine tea is also provided for those who prefer a more Asian setting.



All rooms come with a 32-inch LG Plasma TV which is not extravagant (nor HD) but it will serve the consumers viewing purpose. The channels available are mostly from the Hong Kong network but Fox Movies, Fox News, Fox Sports come as standard. In total, there are about 45 channels to choose from. Notice that Harrison Ford’s expression is a clear representation of how impressive the room really is.



The room also promotes an ‘open closet’ style concept (in order to save space) which I find rather convenient and effective for the absent minded (most times I hear stories of people forgetting their belongings in the closet), Directly below is a storage area for 2 check-in size luggage and miscellaneous storage shelves below that.



In terms of the bathroom, the standard amenities such as hand towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower cap, wet naps, tissue paper, bar of soap are present along with a hair dryer. The area around the sink is not really huge so if you plan to pack your entire make-up department, you’d better think twice.




The shower is basically a rain shower, good for a bath after a long day out. There is definitely ample space to manoeuvre around. Soap and shampoo come standard as well as 2 sets of bath towels.



All in all, I find this hotel a bang for your buck if you are planning to stay in Hong Kong.

On the plus side, the price is reasonable and the accommodations are indeed comfortable. The location is also strategic and access to public transport is excellent with regular taxis going by and the train station about 5 minutes away.

On the down side, this is not the Four Seasons, space is rather tight and many people might not be used to the back to basics concept this hotel has to offer.

Well, I hope this review has been helpful. Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to improve on for my next review. Until my next post, cheers.

PS: Useful information are stated below

About the Hotel/Room:

  • Type: Standard Room
  • Price as Tested: HK$1,100 (early-birds get rooms at HK$720)
  • Breakfast: Optional Add-On (HK$80 per person)

Contact Details:


Anonymous said…
it will be lovely if you can mention other hotel facilities like eatery, games room, pool, gym.
lovely post.. keep it up!
Thomas Liew said…
Thank you for your feedback. I will definitely take note of that in my next blog post. Wishing you all the best and God bless. Cheers.
Christine said…
Thank you for this post! We're planning to stay in this hotel so this is very helpful for us. Just a question though, many reviews said the location is too far from Central. Is this true? How much is the travel time to central places like Mong Kok or Tsim Sha Tsui? Thank you. :)

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