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The Putrajaya Shangri-La

Heart of Iron

There is always a reason why I am deep in thought. The challenges ahead are insurmountable. But I will have to face it head on on my own and that builds strength.
Colleagues and work partners regularly ask me, “Why do you always look so sad?” To tell you the truth, even though I don’t smile, it doesn’t mean I am not happy. But the lack of a smile isn’t unhappiness. The lack of a smile is known as a grimace. One that I fear may be etched permanently on my face. So the question now is; “Why the permanent grimace?”
You see, in life, we have many paths to choose from. Some may be favourable, others not so. But in life, one of the greatest blessings is experience. Despite being only 22 years old, I pride myself at being given the opportunity to travel near and far as well as meet many people who have contributed to the vast pool I now call, “The Journey of My Life.”
Not too long ago, I attended the wedding of a friend of mine who was of the same age as me. I shan’t reveal his name but for…


Distasteful but is this really real?
One day more to the alleged boycott of McDonald's Malaysia by the masses. By now, the news of "intelligent" protesters trying to break down doors of McD outlets as well as those who literally spit on employees working at McD (and all other "Jewish") outlets has reached the masses. Tomorrow is the day to see these protesters become "heroes." To me, what would I do? I'm just going to the nearby McDonald's and getting a McValue Lunch and I am going to leave a big tip for the workers there. Before the "heroic" protesters begin to blame this "Cina", allow me to elaborate my stand.


From what we have learned in business, no business would fund a war unless it is through taxes paid to a government (as far as I know). Considering that the world stands with Gaza, it would be ridiculous to actually fund the Israeli's let alone be associated to them. I guess the board of d…


One of the heated topics which has been going on is the change in the toll charges for foreign vehicles into both Malaysia and Singapore. When the topic was tabled by Singapore to increase the rates, it definitely sent uproar throughout the Malaysian ranks so much to the extent that Malaysia made a decision to fire the first shot by raising the rates first. Question. Was this a well thought of decision?

All over the media, you will see "patriotic" Malaysians demanding the toll rates to increase to at least RM100 to "show this Singaporeans that we can fight as well." Supposedly Singapore calls on our move and opts to raise the bar even higher. What will Malaysia's move be? Raise the toll fees to RM200? And the process goes on to the extent that flying in would be a significant bargain.


When this decision was made, was there consideration for the Malaysians who are working in Singapore? The reason we go abroad to Singapore is to earn a…

The Day I Walked Out As A New Man

7th May 2014 marked the day I walk out of the exam hall for the last time in my life as a university student. International Management was the last paper. It felt quite good actually, the first paper I took when I joined in January 2010 was Management and I left taking International Management. The moment the invigilator announced the end of the exam, I heaved a sigh of relief. The long sprint was one with ups and downs. As I reach the end, I am overwhelmed with mixed feelings of relief and sadness.

3 times a year, I would walk into this same hall with the same mission in mind. I should be happy that the end has arrived. But I will definitely miss this place dearly. It was the place I had my first orientation and it will be the place I end my university chapter. So much nostalgia.

I walked out of the hall with the very people who fought alongside me during this endeavour of epic proportions. As I gazed out towards the buildings that make up the campus, I reminisce vividly on the firs…