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Of Honours and Dictators

Well, apparently we are a nation that is compassionate about the affairs of others. I am not referring to the recent Budget 2014 because that’s just a whole pile of hogwash unless everything is implemented fairly to all the citizens of this wonderful nation. The day that happens.Anyway, what I am referring to is the recent move by one private university not many outside the confines of Malaysia to award a certain doctorate to a certain dictator in a certain North Korea. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you heard me right:“HELP UNIVERSITY AWARDED A DOCTORATE OF ECONOMICS TO NONE OTHER THAN KIM JONG-UN”So, the next question is, “What in %^$#@ name provoked such an action?” To be fair, I am neither for or against this action. I am actually looking to investigate the pros and the cons of such an action and try to justify such a brash move.Let’s start with the PROS:1. A Sign of Friendship?Firstly, I can only think of one which is actually a sign of friendship between the two nations. Per…