Silver Linings of Cancer

Fellow readers especially fellow bloggers, here’s a write-up by my friend Richard regarding extending a helping hand to the warriors fighting a war against cancer. Many have lost the war but before the weapon to obliterate this illness is found, let’s help those who are still fighting it as best we can. I appeal to you, my fellow bloggers and friends to spend 5 minutes of your time to read this. Every bit of help counts. Thank you for your time, ladies and gentlemen:


Despite the unpleasant journey of battling cancer, it brings out the best in humankind as well. In today's society, families are divided by work and other personal commitments. Family time becomes more and more rare, sacrificed for the a growth in career and the pursuit of a different life. We become complacent with our families, thinking that our parents will not fall sick and not age, always be there for us just like the old times.

Life takes a hair-pin turn when cancer visits. On the bright side, there are more family time, we begin to appreciate and value things that would have not came into our minds if cancer did not happen. We begin to seek balance in the things that we do. Also cancer brought upon a time of reflection to most if not all of us because cancer puts a timer in the lives of the affected ones.

Learning about cancer thought me one thing. There are things that happen in our life that we can never control. BUT, we can control how we respond towards it. We can control our feeling and actions towards it. HOW? By bringing in the optimism and valuing the remaining sands flowing in the hourglass. By being positive we make positive impacts to everyone around us. Simply put, when life gives us lemons, we get to decide what to do with it.

Few days ago, I was informed of an initiative to fund post treatment day-care of cancer patients. The initiative is a collaboration between AXA AFFIN and NCSM. For every blogger that participates in this one off blog write-up, one cancer patient will be funded for their day-care needs for a day. If any of you readers out there would like to brighten someone's day just by few strokes on the key board, contact this chap, for further details.


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