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Marquee–A Little Escapade

So, where are we going this time for our little VibeHero escapade? From Latin Food, we head to a Fusion Cuisine. Where you may ask? None other than Marquee, one of the coolest and hippest restaurants and bars this side of town. The name may be hard to pronounce for some of the infantile speakers but all you need to know is that it two floors of pure awesome.

So, where is Marquee? BB Plaza. Where is BB Park? Now, fellow readers. That is the correct question.


At night, it is close to impossible for you to miss this signboard

To many of you BB Plaza is an interesting shopping mall in Bukit Bintang. However, BB Park is located adjacent to it. Look for an open air street mall somewhere next to BB Plaza. If you are driving down Jalan Bukit Bintang, you will be able to see it on your left. Directly after you see it, there should be a left turn. Turn in, follow the route and you should come up behind the Federal Hotel.

If you are intending to find a parking, I would highly recommend parking in Low Yat Plaza if you are going at night because it charges a RM5 flat rate per entry. Walking out the main entrance, you will see BB Park right opposite it.

Anyway, first impressions of the place is rather hospitable. I would reckon that it is a lot more lively on the weekends (our outing was on a weekday). It is a pity that I did not manage to get a photo of the place. Now, without further ado, let’s get to the food bit.


The first part of the meal is this sumptuous appetizer. It was a side of Avomela Salad and BBQ Chicken Potato Skins. The salad consists of a generous portion of lettuce, apples, avocados (I thought they were softened guava) and a drizzle of tangerine dressing. Think of it as a sweet and sour salad only with a mixture of fruity flavours.

The BBQ Chicken and Potato Skin may sound strange at first but tastes awesome. The potato skins are fried (not burnt) to crispy perfection and stuffed with a generous portion of




Usually, I would expect a wide serving of Western or International delicacies but Marquee has done one better by incorporating International and Local together. No, I do not mean Chicken Chop Char Kuey Teow, that sort of thing. What I meant is serving both International and Local Dishes. Definitely a unique idea.

Well, let us move down the order of food

1. Sarawak Laksa

Who in Malaysia does not know what is Laksa? I thought so. This sour-ish dish is full of the richness of local dishes; a testament to the pride and honour of one of the greatest Malaysia classics. The laksa is well prepared and the rice noodles is soft, smooth and easy to chew. The prawns are well boiled, fresh and full of juicy sweetness. The shredded chicken and omelette are also rich in flavour and complement the secret gravy which I would so love to get my hands on. Trust me, it’s one of the few places that make the richest laksa ever. It is not too oily like some other places and I’d say generously portioned as well.


Yummy laksa which tickles the tummy

2. Nasi Lemak

I remembered fondly, my childhood favourite was nasi lemak, meticulously prepared by my mother. Ever since then, nasi lemak has been a personal favourite. The nasi lemak at Marquee contains the strong flavour of Pandan and coconut milk which makes the rice, delicious enough to eat on its own. The accompanying chicken rendang made it ever more filling and hit me in all the right places. The sambal belacan was rich in flavour and not too spicy (good news for the ones who can’t take the heat). I like the classic fried anchovies and nuts as no nasi lemak can go without them.


Look at this and tell me that you are not hungry

3. Hainanese Chicken Chop

A classic chicken chop with sweet braised tomato sauce. This dish reminds you of Oriental China with a rich blend of sweet, sour and smooth. However, the accompanying coleslaw and side of fries give you a balanced entry to the Western side of life.


Note that the fries are not tiny shoestrings passed off as fries

4. Tommy Gun Burger

Hearing this name, I was thinking of a Thompson Sub-Machine Gun of the Gangster Era in the United States. First thing’s first, the burger is relatively large in size and is filling enough on its own. Secondly, it is unlike any burger you would regularly see. To describe it, think of an awesome French Toast with a superbly sized beef patty on top. Generously stuffed, tender and full of flavour, this is definitely a unique dish to have. Chopped tomatoes with a complementing mushroom gravy make it to die for. Fries and salad come in a package.


Have you ever seen a burger like that before?

5. Mystery Box Burger

Besides my favourite Ramly Burger, this chicken burger takes the cake. The chicken patty is tender and grilled to juicy perfection. The richness of the marinade and effort to prepare the patty is evident the moment you take the first bite. Forget the fact that it looks strange in terms of presentation. The best burgers are the ones that look the least grand. Trust me on that. How do you think Ramly Burgers became a national favourite?


Ignore wrapping and fries. The secret is in the burger.

6. Milanese

For the really Western noodles, Italy comes to mind. Thick fettuccine noodles prepared al dente, generous amounts of chicken fillet, bell peppers and peas, all cooked together in a unique tomato sauce. It is no surprise that the Italians have the best dishes but Marquee is able to match them or even beat them at that. However, the portion is not as big as I expected it to be (can’t argue though cause the best things in life come in small quantities).


This is a highly recommended pasta

7. Pizza Diavola & Marinara

I’ve never been a big fan of Pizza but I will give this an exception. 2 awesome pizzas which have a sort of New York Crust (as thin as a cracker) which means you are eating the pizza and everything that accompanies it, not a lump of dough like you get in industrialized pizza. I am much more orientated to the Marinara because as a seafood freak, Marquee has an awesome seafood pizza.


Pizza Marinara


Pizza Diavola

Well, this post has indeed made me hungry and I should be going to eat now. A big thank you to VibeHero for organizing the event as well as Marquee (particularly Mikhail) for the wonderful generosity and a hospitable dinner. Until my next post, please remember to go to (look at the top left of the page) to search for interesting places to eat. Cheers.

For more information on Marquee, please go to this link:

Or you can click the image below:

VibeHero (Small)


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