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A Wonderful Surprise

Saturday, 8th September 2013, was supposed to be a usual weekend hangout with Terry and Eunice. After a hard week at work, it comes with no surprise that I was dying for a little rest and recuperation. I arrived at Pavilion in the afternoon after a half day at the office. As usual, I am the first one to be there. Won’t blame them though. Both Terry and Eunice were fighting traffic to get to Pavilion. That’s life in Kuala Lumpur. So, while waiting, I decided to take some photos.


The view as you enter the main entrance of Pavilion Shopping Centre


The main fountain that greets customers as they enter Pavilion.


The opposing end from the escalators facing the main entrance

I soon Whatsapp’d them and I was told to meet them on the top floor of Pavilion near a Starbucks by the cinema. I felt something amiss but perhaps they were going there to collect the tickets. I obliged without much hesitation. Along the way up, managed to get some other shots as well.


Top Floor – The rays from the sun complement this rather monotonous shot


One of the producers of rugged watches. Dear Santa… For Christmas, I wish for….

Anyway, after a while, I got a call from my dearest boo boo asking me where I was. She had previously informed be that her weekend would be spent in Penang with her family. So apparently, it’s going to be another boring weekend for me. Anyway, back to the topic, it seems she is in Queensbay Mall, Penang but she said that she could not see me there. Puzzled, I continued prompting her with questions only to be insistently asked where I was.

Telling her I was in Starbucks at the top floor, I caught a glimpse of a very familiar looking girl, dressed in a black dress, toting a pink handbag and oversized (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) phone. My mouth widened as I stared with disbelief. Questions and rationalization was running wildly in my head. I am not sure what to even think.

Could it be? ~No, that is not possible, she is halfway across Malaysia~

It looks exactly like her. ~Your eyes are playing tricks on you~

I need to be sure. ~Then walk up behind her and ask her for her name~ 

Honestly speaking, I am a person who rarely gets caught off-guard. But this time, I felt as if I was not prepared for what I am seeing. I walked closer to that person. My heart beat faster with each step that I took. I had to be sure. I sneaked up behind her and was truly stunned. She was here, she really was here right in front of me. Can you imagine my reaction when I saw her standing in front of me?


Honestly, I was at a loss of words but was only wondering why is she here. Seems that there was a plan that was executed a while back to surprise me? So, who are the conspirators of such an elaborate plan. Picking up the phone, I called Eunice and asked he why my girlfriend was standing in front of me instead of being in Penang. More importantly, why after so long, they are not yet in Pavilion.

Seems they were nowhere near Pavilion at all and took the opportunity to set up a date with me my my dearest Melibee for the afternoon and will only join at night. So, I had one whole day to spend. From lunch, to movies to shoe shopping, to just walking around. Every second spend with my dearest Melibee is a moment filled with joy. Sadly, time will always pass swiftly when you are having fun. It was almost dinner time but Eunice and Terry were caught in the infamous Kuala Lumpur traffic jam.

While waiting, another random photoshoot for my dear boo boo. Some of the interesting shots that I got:


Trying to look as feminine as possible


Pulling off an adorable smile


Trying to act cute

Anyway, before long, the Eunice and Terry showed up and scared me from behind. We had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market as well as a hearty talk. Before leaving, we managed to get a photo together.


Having awesome friends to spend the day with. In short, a double date


How can we end the day without a photo together?

Thank you so much for that wonderful day, my dearest boo boo. I am truly grateful and fortunate to have you in my life. A really wonderful and magnificent surprise which really made my week end with a smile on my face. Take care and love you always. <3 <3 <3


Melissa Tan said…
I'm glad and I hope that it has made your day. I'm sorry that it was suppose to be your rest day, but then ended up an outing day ><! Aiks.. Heh heh.. More surprises coming up.. brace yourself! ^^ Love you always, boo boo! MWAHHHHH! XOXO! <3

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