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Ripping Off an Entire Population

JULY 2013 – THE INSANITY BEGINSI presume that by now, most of the world is familiar with tiny, yellow creatures known as minions. Who those who don’t, they look like that:The recent release of Despicable Me 2 proved to be a highly acclaimed sequel but this time, it brought in many new effects of love, life and sacrifice. Don’t wish to spoil the movie for those who have yet to watch it. However, one of the main factors highlighted is of course, the yellow minions. These cute and bumbling creatures carry out orders without question but more importantly, they bring a laugh to the audience. The effect left behind by these guys leave more than just humour but opens up an entirely new window to the:“BUSINESS AND MARKETING WORLD”One of the most successful corporations to cash in on these marketing superstars was the McDonald’s Corporation, purchasing the rights to produce these toys as complements to their Happy Meals. In the past, McDonald’s released the Hello Kitty toy at the peak of its c…