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Should You Go Abroad?

Many a times, I found myself wondering  whether the decisions I have made were worth it.There is a question that has plagued me a lot, coming from many of my closest confidants regarding a decision many tend to ponder over:“SHOULD WE FURTHER OUR EDUCATION ABROAD?”The answer from my perspective would definitely be an affirmative. But the next question beckons:“WHAT ABOUT THE FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS?”Unbeknownst to many, there are indeed many opportunities out there to fund a person travelling abroad. In many universities at present, there are twinning programmes as well as scholarships offered to further your education abroad. In other cases, there are special programmes provided by the university whereby:“A student is allowed to do a semester or a year of studies in a foreign university of their choice.”For my tenure in INTI International University, I was able to apply for the Semester Abroad Programme (SAP™) in which I chose to pursue my studies in Germany. At first, I felt homesick a…