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The Hidden Truth Behind War

I am back to blogging most probably because I have finally found a small measure of time for myself. Besides family, relatives, my relationship and friends as well as my research, I am glad I still have enough time to keep this old blog running. So, I would like to begin with a post inspired after a brief exchange of words between Adrian Chan and I, earlier today.

The topic involves a word we find rather common in the newspapers. The topic of: “WAR!!” We begin this with the outbreak of World War 1, arguably the war of modern wars. By saying this, it is the starting point of many wars to come.

The setting begins with Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, paying a formal visit to the city of Sarajevo, Serbia, a country soon to be annexed into the empire. Of course, when your country is about to be annexed, there are supporters who feel that it is necessary to advance and there are those who believe that it will tear the country apart. Tensions between countries are high. The Black Hand, a underground resistance group begins to plot an assassination attempt on the Archduke. Unfortunately, it failed miserably when the grenade thrown by one of the assassins, deflected off the Archduke’s touring car and exploded, leaving the Archduke unharmed but injuring some officers in the vehicle behind.


Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro Hungarian Empire. The reason the First World War started

Fearing that they have forever lost their chance, the group of assassins dispersed. One of them, Gavrilo Princip, a 19-year old resistance member decides to pop by a busy Delicatessen (Deli) for lunch. The Archduke on the other hand had just completed formal discussions and is en route back to the Palace. His chauffeur, unfortunately, was not familiar with the streets in Sarajevo and ended up getting stuck in traffic right in front of the Delicatessen, Princip was having lunch. Just as the driver was backing up, Princip saw the Archduke. He dropped his sandwich, drew a pistol and shot the Archduke’s wife and then the Archduke through the jugular vein. They died within moments.

Let’s recap this. Archduke of Austro-Hungary assassinated by a Serbian. Well, I guess war is in order. Soon, Germany vowed aid to Austro-Hungary. Belgium on the side of Serbia. France and England against Germany as well. later, the Americans and in a short period of time, the whole world is as war. Hence the term, “World War 1”

Eventually, the Germans lost the FIrst World War and were forced to sign the Versailles Treaty which limited their military and economic development for more than 2 decades.


Only a few countries were excluded from the condition of war. Imagine the death toll

So ironically, World War 1 happened because someone decided to have lunch and another was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or is it?

They say that wars exist because a country wishes to defend itself and its ally/allies. From the case of the First World War, it is because of the assassination of a human by another human from another country. But if it is assassination or better termed as murder, as a cause of war, every country would be at war everyday. We hear countless cases of citizens being murdered by a foreigner. Sometimes, foreigners causing a disturbance in the country. Perhaps the person is of significant importance? That sounds like a justified reason to start a war.

Sounds like gibberish because it really is. From my belief, wars are not started because someone of high importance in a country was killed by a foreigner. The fact is rather simple. Wars are started to prove one thing and one thing only, “WHICH COUNTRY WAS STRONGER?”

During World War 1, Corporal Adolf Hitler, severely wounded, healed and began his rise to power. He placed the blame on the Jews, calling them ingrates who robbed Germany of their supremacy. Being installed into power after the death of President Paul von Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler began the biggest arms expansion in the world at that time, voiding the Versailles Treaty. In 1933, the Nazi Party was gaining it’s strength through world domination. By 1942, the Third Reich had conquered most of Europe and garnered allies of Japan and Italy thus forming the Axis of Power during World War 2.

The question now lies on the intentions of Adolf Hitler. People say psychotic maniac, some say power hungry. I believe it was a small measure of honour. We can’t deny the fact that it is because of World War 2, Germany proved itself to the world as a formidable military strength. They have demonstrated their knowledge in ingenuity and development. For example, the M-16 Assault Rifle and AK-47 which we know today are all based of the father of all Assault Rifles, the Sturmgewehr 44. Regardless of how history portrays Hitler, we will always regard the Third Reich as one of the leading superpowers during World War 2 despite the humiliating defeat in World War 1.  They have proven to the world that they have fallen, rose from the ashes and left their mark in world history.


The man we all know as the Butcher of Jews

Not convinced? Here’s another part of the story taken from across the Atlantic.

During World War 1, the United States of America was in no way ready for war but it got dragged in anyway. It failed to accept modern weapons, relying heavily on bolt action rifles and hand cranked machine guns. It was a mistake they paid dearly for. Europe on the other hand was willing to accept the newest in automatic machine guns, cannons and other fancy weaponry. So, the Americans were literally bringing a knife to a gunfight. Despite winning against the Germans, they suffered numerous casualties which evidently led to their own arms expansion.


Uncle Sam want You!

They needed a new fleet that could dominate the Pacific, new military divisions and weapons the world will tremble before. With the might of a mega industry, the United States put together the largest military force known to man across the Atlantic. All they needed was a field to test it on, to regain their honour and show the world what they were capable of. A field that Adolf Hitler gladly provided. We all know World War 2 ended with the dropping of 2 Atomic Bombs, the most powerful weapon of war at that time. It is true that these bombs ended a war which claimed the lives of millions. But what are the after effects?

No, not the radiation but what does that make the United States of America? It made many tremble before their might and others to despise their cruelty. But at the end of the day, World War 2 paved the way for the United States of America to become a superpower in terms of military supremacy in the world today.

If we look carefully, the arms race of the Cold War led to nations stockpiling tonnes of nuclear weapons and war machines capable of world destruction. The issue now is when will they find a field or reason to prove their power again? The world is now a time bomb, waiting to explode. The only thing we can do right now is pray that no world leader gets shot by a man eating a sandwich.


revolutionist said…
indeed a feast to the mind bro. and i like the last part.. indeed the world is now a time bomb. we are all in danger of it. people are just finding reasons to start a war and dominate other races and people.. where what they forgot is, at the root we all are humans with the same blood color.. yeah.. hope, there will be no war because an "important" person decide to take sandwich or Mcflurry.. hahah
Thomas Liew said…
Thank you very much for your kind feedback. It truly unfortunate to see humans murdering their own kind.

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