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The Experience of Snow

Well, as it turns out, I had the chance of a lifetime while over here in Germany to experience my first snowfall. Though it did not last very long but it was indeed a moment worth remembering. The soft fluffy powder was like cotton shaved ice. The feeling is unlike anything felt prior to coming to Germany. Though it is a lot harder to walk with slipping and sliding and falling into snow a habitual outcome, I can’t help but wonder how magnificent a change in weather can be. The first few moments and the experience of soft snow was indeed welcoming and manages to put the biggest smile on my face.


However, do not be fooled. Even though the first dew days of snow can be like what we see in the movies, in reality, it’s can get a lot worse. The temperatures are unlike anything felt in Malaysia before and it makes me long to be by the seaside sipping a nice tall glass of lemonade or some cliché drink you see in the movies.

Roads begin to cover up with snow to an extent that slipping and sliding is the only thing you can do. In addition to that, the thickness of the snow determines the time taken to get from point A to point B. When the temperature drops below freezing (be ready to feel an immense pain from the cold and complete numbness), manoeuvring around becomes a real challenge. Finally, when light snow becomes a snowstorm, well:


You are going to look really miserable. I hope this has given you an insight to the snow experience. To those of you who have not experience snow before in your life, I would recommend finding time to go to experience it first hand. If money is an issue, try budgeting and going through tour or travel offers. Till’ my next post, cheers.


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