Looking Back in 2012

Well, the year comes to a close as many people take to the streets and clubs to have the time of their life. Quite an overstatement as people are getting stoned to usher in the new year. Well, I for one am indeed happy that the new year is coming but before stepping into then new year, I thought to take this time to recap back on the amazing things which has happened in my life throughout 2012.


I was officially installed as the 16th President of the INTIMA Student Government of INTI International University. It was a time of testing and a time of great effort as I learnt the trade of becoming a leader of more than 5,500 students. During the term as president, I have made new friends, forged new alliances and understand the struggles and effort as well as commitment each President places in their cabinet members. There were great triumphs as well as sad moments. But all in all, 2012 was a year that I stood tall and fulfilled my duties as an elected President of the Student Body.


Official INTIMA Portrait inside President’s Office.


Before 2012, I always thought that photography was just a obligation to capture memorable moments. I never really caught on to it until this year when I found out that photography was more than just pictures. It was literally a passion for the arts. So, taking a Canon 500D Entry Level Camera, I started carving my passion for photography and I work hard to improve myself from time to time. All in all, this is one of the best passions I have ever adopted. Here are some of my photos.

HDR 2-2

First attempt at HDR Photography


Landscape shot of the view from my apartment window in Germany


Photo of one of my favourite cars. A Porsche Cayman S.


There is a little genius in my family; my baby brother, Kenny. After completing his South Australian Matriculation (SAM) Programme, he obtained an ATAR of 99.20 in the public examinations (which relatively translates to super genius). Am truly proud of him that he is my better half. He may sometimes be quiet but he is a genius who is lovable always. Wishing him the best of luck in all his future undertakings. Love you so much, bro.


Portrait of my baby brother.


One of my dreams was to obtain a learning experience from another country. Well, my dream came true on the 23rd of September 2012 when I departed for a higher education in Germany. I was to study in Iserlohn, Germany in the Business and Information Technology School (BiTS), one of the most renowned private business schools in Europe.

Over here, I had the chance to demonstrate my skills and abilities as a Malaysian student as well as to exchange views with international students on the key perspectives of work and education. Also, I took the opportunity to travel to some places in Europe.


BiTS Main Campus Building during autumn


My excursion to Berlin (Brandenburg Gate)


My friends and I in Cologne


Well, in the year 2009, the movie ‘2012’ sent the world into somewhat of a turmoil as people believed that the 21st of December 2012 was to be the end of the world. Well, I write this post a week later and I am still alive an kicking. So I reckon it’s a big deal.


“I survived the end……. True story”


During my time in Germany, I had the opportunity to do my attachment programme. This is the key highlight of my time in Germany. I started of the first month as a student in Volkswagen AG under the Green Initiative Division. It was a department filled with young aspiring mean and women who have dreams for a green earth through automotive engineering.

Within 1 month, I was promoted to be the manager of the youth division and I continued working as hard as I could, developing new ideas and new visions. By the end of it, my supervisor handed me a letter. At first, I thought it was a personal letter from him but it was a appreciation/congratulatory letter which came from Herr Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Volkswagen AG. My hard work and effort was recognized. It was a really great gift.


Letter from the CEO of Volkswagen AG.

All in all, 2012 has been a year of great achievements and development. Now that we are in 2013, new goals have to be set and a brand new set of challenges await. Into the hands of Fate and Glory. Until my next post, cheers.


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