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The Experience of Snow

Well, as it turns out, I had the chance of a lifetime while over here in Germany to experience my first snowfall. Though it did not last very long but it was indeed a moment worth remembering. The soft fluffy powder was like cotton shaved ice. The feeling is unlike anything felt prior to coming to Germany. Though it is a lot harder to walk with slipping and sliding and falling into snow a habitual outcome, I can’t help but wonder how magnificent a change in weather can be. The first few moments and the experience of soft snow was indeed welcoming and manages to put the biggest smile on my face.However, do not be fooled. Even though the first dew days of snow can be like what we see in the movies, in reality, it’s can get a lot worse. The temperatures are unlike anything felt in Malaysia before and it makes me long to be by the seaside sipping a nice tall glass of lemonade or some cliché drink you see in the movies. Roads begin to cover up with snow to an extent that slipping and slidi…

Looking Back in 2012

Well, the year comes to a close as many people take to the streets and clubs to have the time of their life. Quite an overstatement as people are getting stoned to usher in the new year. Well, I for one am indeed happy that the new year is coming but before stepping into then new year, I thought to take this time to recap back on the amazing things which has happened in my life throughout 2012.BECAME PRESIDENTI was officially installed as the 16th President of the INTIMA Student Government of INTI International University. It was a time of testing and a time of great effort as I learnt the trade of becoming a leader of more than 5,500 students. During the term as president, I have made new friends, forged new alliances and understand the struggles and effort as well as commitment each President places in their cabinet members. There were great triumphs as well as sad moments. But all in all, 2012 was a year that I stood tall and fulfilled my duties as an elected President of the Stude…