What is the END OF THE WORLD?

Seeing that the Mayan Calendar will end in precisely 6 more hours, I thought to just take this time to talk about Armageddon (not the movie, damn it). Over the past few years, there have been rumours and statements that the world is finally coming to an end on the 21st December 2012. With earthquakes smashing Japan and previous tsunami horrors, people began to panic. All hope seemed lost. People became “prophets”, foreseeing that the end of the world would come swift as God’s vengeance against the wrong doings of humans. So, the question is, how to convince the world that this:


is really going to happen? Well, precisely one year ago, Hollywood decided to cash in on the Mayans saying that the end of the calendar will be the end of the world. Using the deception of a possible unusual neutrino discharges from the Sun, our beloved Earth began to cook from the inside out and eventually, fall apart. 2012, Doomsday… Armageddon….Judgement Day…the list goes on. How possible is this? For all we know, many quarters believed in it so much that the purchase of bunkers and fallout shelters have increased in the past year alone as compared to the past decade alone (yes, an emphasized exaggeration).

Sadly, much to the dismay of many, the end of the Mayan calendar does not mean the end of time. That calendar has just reached December 31st. When our metric calendar ends, do we say it is the end of the world? Or do we say it’s January 1st of the next year. The situation in this case is the same for the Mayans with the exception of a longer end to end period. So with that cleared, shall I just end? I guess I will continue to humour the possibility of the end of the world.

Now the next question is, “How will the world end?”

Some probable scenarios which have been mentioned are as follows:


The world’s superpowers suddenly decided that they hate each other and wage an all out nuclear war ending the human race for good with only a few survivors left with the responsibility of repopulating and building up the world again. So in this scenario, the world will reach a breaking point of conflicts and literally tear each other apart. Probable?

How’s this for an even more insane end. A craze which has taken the world by storm recently through videos and social networking websites. What is it?

Yup, you’ve guessed it..


Ok, so somehow or rather, there will be a massive outbreak of a virus which will turn every human into mindless flesh eating zombies. The dead will come back to life and feed on the remnants of the human species leaving all but a few to survive and repopulate. So, what is the probability of such an outbreak? On the 21st of December 2012, I would say null.

So the end of the world is a very improbable thing right? I mean seriously, how can the world end so quickly? Well, we may not be so fortunate to die in a horrible ball of flame as Hollywood intended. I know that you are wondering why I used the term fortunate.

To answer this, I would say we are heading towards the brink of destruction not through natural disasters, nuclear war or even more ridiculous, a zombie invasion. However, the end of the world in my perspective will come from:



Yup, you may not realize but our actions may be somewhat suicidal for the human race. Allow me to explain with a few obvious analogies:

Not too long ago, the newspaper reported huge embezzlements of cash and tax evasions by corporate leaders leaving many employees jobless. In turn, these laid off workers began resorting to the “thug life” not to release their anger but to make a living incurring pain and destruction to others; the chain reaction continues. Robberies, theft, murders became rampant as he citizens of a nation tore themselves apart.

Not too long ago, numerous politicians and world leaders were charged with misappropriation of government funds and corruption leaving their countries they swore to defend, economically crippled and their citizens jobless and starving. These nations caused a chain reaction by denting the economy of their neighbours and soon lead to a global pandemic. Soon, an entire continent was plagued with the devaluation of currency and economic collapse. Does this sound familiar to a virus outbreak.

Just a few days ago, a gunman walked into an elementary school, shot and killed children and teachers in cold blood. Imagine pointing a gun at a weeping child, sobbing in fear, knowing that the kid has a bright future ahead and still having the courage to pull the trigger shooting not only once but numerous times. No normal human being with a conscience will be able to pull off such an act. Does this mean that humanity is slowly draining from humans that they can kill their own kind more rampantly?

Just a few days ago, a 23 year old student was raped on a bus and left for dead. The perpetrators not only raped the poor girl but destroyed her reproductive organs leaving her with nothing but a mental trauma that will follow her to the grave. This girl has lost all possibility to ever be a mother, because the rapists destroyed the very organ they came to this world from. Has the human race reached a point where they no longer can differentiate between right and wrong, and degrade themselves to the level of animals?

So the question now is:


From my most honest perspective, if the human race does not evolve from the current mind-set, we may already be experiencing the end of the world. It will only be a matter of time before it all boils over and engulfs the very species that was entrusted to defend it in the first place.

We can only hope. Do not think of, “In the future, I will….”



Let today be the day that we redeem ourselves and fix the world the way we were entrusted to fix it. Start by recycling, helping a fellow human being, be generous, be kind, be productive, be all that you can be.

The biggest changes come not from the leaders of Man but from Man itself. It is the little task that we can achieve that make the most difference. I hope that you will take this thought of mind as a issue to ponder over. Thank you for your time and understanding. Till’ my next post. Cheers.


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