An Army of Many

10th October 2012


My international buddies over in BiTS, Iserlohn, Germany.

Now, you’re probably wondering why the group picture. Well, the most important thing for an extroverted person when it comes to a new country is basically to make new friends. The first friend I made is a Mexican guy named Carlos. He’s my housemate. The first expression I got when I was told that my housemate was a Mexican, the first thing that went through my mind was Speedy Gonzales. I guess Hollywood and the media must have really messed up my mind with the typical stereotype.

On a more serious note, Carlos is a dependable friend. Despite his small stature he has a heart made of gold. He looks out for the team and is an awesome chef. If you ever feel down and want someone to hear you out, he’ll always be there for you. He can be appreciated as the most caring friend and a dependable comrade. No matter how difficult the situation may be, he does not mind taking the fall together.


Carlos, my housemate. Awesome fellow with a kind heart.

The following day, I met Andrea Marin. She was this super cool awesome girl who always has the best things to talk about. Spontaneous in behaviour and always ready to give a suggestion, she is an awesome friend to always have. If you have a question on fashion, life or both, she’s the friend who’d listen and consult whenever possible. During my long walks to the Zentrum, she would always be there to tag along be it to run an errand or to just tag along and keep me company. Really appreciate the opportunities we had to exchange ideas and thoughts.


One of the rare occasions that we actually see Andrea smiling.

The third friend I made is Marius Wallrath. Supposedly from Peru, he is half German but he can drink like a Russian. Friendly with a firm handshake, he is dependable friend with some awesome ideas. He is polite and he reminds me a lot of my country because there are similarities between both our countries.


Marius and his famous, I don’t give a damn, face.

From these three friends, I managed to make a whole lot of new other friends (most of wish are international). The amount of experience we have attained from the information shared as well exchanges in culture is beyond what I had comprehended. I am forever indebted to them because it is not the wonders of the country that made me love it here but their friendship.

When I depart for Malaysia, I leave with a heavy heart not of the love of the country but the friends I would be leaving behind.


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