A Slice from the Past 5

Ok, I am now taking a break from studying by cooking and pondering over some thoughts. I was talking to a German friend of mine, Michael, earlier in the day. He asked me what it was like in Malaysia. I told him that the weather is rather tropical and warm; somewhat equatorial climate. The conversation soon carried on as follows:

Michael   : What’s the coldest you ever get in your country?
Me          : Well, if you are lucky, 23 degrees Celsius.
Michael   : I see. But under biological terms, does that mean you have Malaria in your country.
Me          : We don’t have Malaria but we do have Dengue
Michael   : Dengue? What is that?
Me          : It’s a type of illness brought by the Aedes Mosquito. It may cause death if untreated.
Michael   : Oh, I see. Well, then you will need a lot of mosquito repellent.

At that point, I realized I never used mosquito repellent in recent years. To be more exact, ever since I left primary school, I have not used any mosquito repellent. I reminisce further back into the past and I remembered an ointment my dearest mum used to apply to heal those nasty mosquito bites:


If I am not mistaken, this should be a household name when mosquito comes into play.

That’s right, Zam-Buk. The magical ointment which heals every mosquito bite I have ever encountered. I remember vividly as my mum would apply them on the red bulging mounds of mosquito bite marks due to the sensitive skin I used to have back when I was much younger.

I has been 8 years since I last saw a tin of Zam-Buk. I can only wonder if they are still being produced and sold in my country. Would really love to can my hands on one for old times sake. Till’ my next entry. Cheers.


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