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Going Against Your Heart?

I would like to dedicate this post to the many people out there who are not in a relationship at the moment. I am not writing this post in hope of dissing you for being forever alone. However, I want to highlight the situation faced by a group of people I know who will never be able to experience the feelings of love, happiness, pleasure, sadness and pain in a relationship. The very people who are burdened with a decision few would ever have the heart to make.Now the question is: What is that decision and why does it sound so dramatic?To explain this, I will talk about a friend of mine I had the honour of knowing for more than 5 years of my life.Jerry is a 22 year old guy who never fails to put a smile on your face. Always cheerful and extroverted in thoughts and speech. He graduated from university at the age of 21 and works as a marketing agent. Perhaps that attributed to his expressive personality. However, there is something odd about Jerry but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.…

Merry Christmas

To all my family, friends and loved ones,Here’s wishing all of you a:May the holiday season be filled with joy and happiness always. God bless.

What is the END OF THE WORLD?

Seeing that the Mayan Calendar will end in precisely 6 more hours, I thought to just take this time to talk about Armageddon (not the movie, damn it). Over the past few years, there have been rumours and statements that the world is finally coming to an end on the 21st December 2012. With earthquakes smashing Japan and previous tsunami horrors, people began to panic. All hope seemed lost. People became “prophets”, foreseeing that the end of the world would come swift as God’s vengeance against the wrong doings of humans. So, the question is, how to convince the world that this:is really going to happen? Well, precisely one year ago, Hollywood decided to cash in on the Mayans saying that the end of the calendar will be the end of the world. Using the deception of a possible unusual neutrino discharges from the Sun, our beloved Earth began to cook from the inside out and eventually, fall apart. 2012, Doomsday… Armageddon….Judgement Day…the list goes on. How possible is this? For all we …

A Slice from the Past 5

Ok, I am now taking a break from studying by cooking and pondering over some thoughts. I was talking to a German friend of mine, Michael, earlier in the day. He asked me what it was like in Malaysia. I told him that the weather is rather tropical and warm; somewhat equatorial climate. The conversation soon carried on as follows:Michael   : What’s the coldest you ever get in your country?
Me          : Well, if you are lucky, 23 degrees Celsius.
Michael   : I see. But under biological terms, does that mean you have Malaria in your country.
Me          : We don’t have Malaria but we do have Dengue
Michael   : Dengue? What is that?
Me          : It’s a type of illness brought by the Aedes Mosquito. It may cause death if untreated.
Michael   : Oh, I see. Well, then you will need a lot of mosquito repellent.At that point, I realized I never used mosquito repellent in recent years. To be more exact, ever since I left primary school, I have not used any mosquito repellent. I reminisce further bac…

My Favourite Starbucks Moment

I was reminiscing on a competition held by Starbucks a while back. Now that I have some free time, I decided to go back on my favourite and most memorable Starbucks moment to date.The nearest Starbucks to my university is the one in the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). It has a nice and conducive environment which I exploit rather regularly for all my study purposes. The staff are rather friendly and recognize the regular university students during assignment crunch times. How ironic it must be that I go to the airport all the time but rarely take a plane out of the country.  So I was sitting in the corner, staring into the infinite mound of assignments that lay before me, sipping on my usual tea (Yeah, I drink tea in Starbucks. Problem?), when a girl walked up to the counter lugging a backpack and carry-on luggage. I didn’t pay much attention to her. After all, all she would be is another traveller grabbing a drink before her flight. After talking to the friendly barista, she inched…

An Army of Many

10th October 2012My international buddies over in BiTS, Iserlohn, Germany.Now, you’re probably wondering why the group picture. Well, the most important thing for an extroverted person when it comes to a new country is basically to make new friends. The first friend I made is a Mexican guy named Carlos. He’s my housemate. The first expression I got when I was told that my housemate was a Mexican, the first thing that went through my mind was Speedy Gonzales. I guess Hollywood and the media must have really messed up my mind with the typical stereotype.On a more serious note, Carlos is a dependable friend. Despite his small stature he has a heart made of gold. He looks out for the team and is an awesome chef. If you ever feel down and want someone to hear you out, he’ll always be there for you. He can be appreciated as the most caring friend and a dependable comrade. No matter how difficult the situation may be, he does not mind taking the fall together.Carlos, my housemate. Awesome fe…

The First Week in Deutschland

1st October 2012Ok, so let’s see, it’s been a week or so since I have been in Germany and so far, life is turning out better than I expected. It is really very different over here as compared to life in Malaysia. I hope not to fret or exaggerate but it is really true. There is nothing here that reminds me anything of Malaysia (as far as Iserlohn goes).Adapting to life in a new country can be really difficult. The culture can be really different. The people can be totally different. The lifestyle, morality and understanding are more of a blur than a realization. Coming to Germany seemed somewhat like a dream come true. The opportunity to study in one of the most prestigious private universities in Germany, a semester costing up to several thousands of Euros (equivalent to an entire bachelors programme in Malaysia). I have my family and relatives to thank for their constant support and care over me. I have my university to thank for giving me the opportunity to study here while they COV…

I Now Depart for the Fatherland

23rd September 2012 My heart beats faster and faster as we draw closer to the airport. My mum and dad in the front seat are going over all the procedures in which I am to follow all the way through from Malaysia until Germany. In the car, I pay attention to every word they say, to ensure I arrive to Germany in one piece. After a while, the car pulls up along a long stretch of road and I can see the main terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) coming up in the distance. My heart beats faster and faster as I know it won’t be long before I board the plane. Lugging the huge luggage into the departure hall, I am greeted by the sight of my friends there to bid me farewell. Family photo before I depart. Sigh! I will definitely miss my mum, dad and baby brother. Sadly, I did not have much time to say my goodbyes. Soon, I had to descend the escalators to the satellite building (those who have taken international flights would know the feeling). As I looked back, I could see m…