Back Home in Ipoh…. and Blogging.

Well, first things first, I’m finally back in Ipoh for the Chinese New Year Holiday. YAY!

Secondly, I am finally back to blogging. This time, I hope I’ll be able to maintain the number of blog entries regularly. Hmmm…. This could be my new years resolution;


(one of the resolutions only… I have way better ones than this)

Anyway, the trip back to Ipoh was indeed a pain in the neck. As every year passes by, with the promises of the government to alleviate traffic congestions by the “next” festive season, I can’t help but wonder why do we still live patiently with the bullshit they feed us (pardon my words, I’m just venting out my thoughts)?

  • Every year, the accident rate increases and they say they will use the statistics to improve road safety.
  • Every year, they say that the country is making losses due to the low taxes charged so they decide to increase sales taxes by a “measely” 1% (as if it won’t affect us =_=”).
  • Every year, festive seasons will foresee traffic congestions, bumper to bumper crawls just like the one shown below;


*with respect to SOPA and all that shit, I would like to state that this photo was not taken by me. Hence, credits to the dude who took it. Great shot by the way.

Well, the reason why I am saying this is because I got caught in a traffic jam along the highway from Nilai all the way back to Ipoh. Usually, it would take about 2 hours. That day, it took me:

6 HOURS!!!

It was exhausting. Well, that’s just a random rant. On a separate note, please enjoy your Chinese New Year Celebration and wishing all of you:


and a



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