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Back Home in Ipoh…. and Blogging.

Well, first things first, I’m finally back in Ipoh for the Chinese New Year Holiday. YAY!Secondly, I am finally back to blogging. This time, I hope I’ll be able to maintain the number of blog entries regularly. Hmmm…. This could be my new years resolution; “TO CONTINUE BLOGGING!!” (one of the resolutions only… I have way better ones than this)Anyway, the trip back to Ipoh was indeed a pain in the neck. As every year passes by, with the promises of the government to alleviate traffic congestions by the “next” festive season, I can’t help but wonder why do we still live patiently with the bullshit they feed us (pardon my words, I’m just venting out my thoughts)?Every year, the accident rate increases and they say they will use the statistics to improve road safety. Every year, they say that the country is making losses due to the low taxes charged so they decide to increase sales taxes by a “measely” 1% (as if it won’t affect us =_=”). Every year, festive seasons will foresee traffic cong…