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Onward to AMERICA!!!

AMERICA!!! Land of the free and home of the brave. That’s what they all say. Well, it’s been precisely 1.5 years since I first heard of the American University Transfer Programme (AUP) in INTI International University. Quite an interesting programme filled with interesting individuals. Seriously, it’s you all of you who make this programme worth joining. Though we may not have been the closest of buddies or even friends who hang out 24/7, it was everyone of you who made quite an impact in my life.

Hence, in your journey to a foreign land, allow me to dedicate this post about you in my perspective. I’m sorry if what I have written is not to your liking but please do accept my most humblest apologies. In addition to that, congratulations on the opportunity of furthering your education overseas. You all have definitely earned it.

Well now, without further ado:

Darren Cheah, you seriously have brains which pack one hell of a punch but yet, you look extremely calm and relaxed. I still don’t really know why you’re called Improper Darren. You are soft spoken but you have a big heart. You’re very sociable and not to mention talented in many trades be it in music or martial arts. I’m sure you will have no trouble in smashing the American Education System into tiny little bits and pieces with the sheer brainpower you possess. Your friendliness, helpfulness and concern are your strongpoints which I am sure you will never give up on. Your brilliance and talent will allow you to achieve higher and further than ever. Your casualness will definitely fit in well with the American society.


“What must I write already?”

-Darren Cheah-

Cristal Tan, you are a girl who can put a smile on anyone’s face. I’m serious. You will always take the initiative to approach a person and introduce yourself with a sense of warmth, kindness and compassion. Something which you have that many would kill to have. A personality trait which makes you one of the most likable girls in the universe. You are extremely determined and relationship orientated (not that one) in terms of maintaining friendship and making new ones. You wouldn’t intentionally harm or hurt a person nor would you bear vengeance down on people which is something unique about you. All your warmth, care and compassion towards everyone signifies your strength which supersedes everything else. You also possess a trillion dollar smile which I say makes a fine accompaniment to your personality. Combined together with your personality, and you’d create PERFECTION!!


“Hello (big smile)” ~ Everyone feels cheered up

-Cristal Tan-

Chia Li Ann, or would I prefer to say Leann Rimes. Your voice so superb, it’d smash all singing idols right off the charts. I’m just waiting for the release of your album. You have a kind and loving personality. You never fail to be friendly, in fact, you’d be able to bring the best out of the worst tyrants. You are indeed extremely unique, currently taking a course which anyone would last suspect you of taking and acing your studies with the best of marks. Not only that, you are intrigued by different cultures which adds to your uniqueness. You are a girl who would only emerge once in eternity and for that, you should be proud of yourself.


“Not only photogenic but also adorable”

-Li Ann-

Sham, or Azrie. The first day I met you, I was so fascinated by your wireless headphones. Honestly, I have never seen such a cool looking earphone on such a cool looking person. You are a gentle and friendly person who truly values friendship. You will never hesitate to learn something new and always match that want to learn with equal amounts of effort. You also never hesitate to help others whenever needed and  with that, and your strength to persevere, I am sure that you will have no trouble in succeeding in America.


“Hey man. What’s up?”

-Azrie Sham-

Renuka, the day I saw you with Derek would remain vivid in my memory. Words cannot express my initial shock when I heard that news. Anyway, on to the important bit, you are a very strong and determined girl when it comes to taking on reality. You are friendly with a cold and sarcastic tone at times but in a likable fashion. You are one of the people I’ve known the longest, the first time being at a Debate Society meeting. Back then, Michael Yap Chih Hong was still in power with Justin Gregory. You are indeed a very kind and friendly and combined with Inthuja and Vijey, you’d form the 3 musketeers. The three most awesome one's whom I know.


“I always look AWESOME wherever I go”


Rizal, you are ever multi-talented. Be it coming up with a drama script to directing it, there is a whole load of talent inside you. You are a person who I find hard to describe in words but in a good sense. You epitomise a cheerful scenario every time you are near. With a smile on your face and eyes which shimmer like crystals you never fail to brighten anyone’s day. You will be willing to assist anyone as long as they care to ask. I’m definitely sure that your studies are also no lesser then perfect. You’d do great my friend.


“I’m always adorable anyway I am.”


James, the bearer of the good boy looks. Heh! Heh! But honestly, you pack really awesome looks and with the brains to match it. You are dedicated in everything that you do and you value friendship. With your kind and passionate heart, you will never shove anyone away or create and enemy but more likely, you will find new ally’s. As long as you hold on to your principles, you will achieve wonders and miracles at the same time.

217652_2003971302749_1347602092_2392181_4895894_n (1)

“I’m a good boy no matter what anyone says”


Josephine, first thing, ARRRGGHHH!!! You’re taller than me. The first time I set eyes on you, I was indeed impressed by your amazing height. However, combined with your super cheerful and happy personality, it may be said that you are a sweet and gentle giant (a compliment, not an insult). Your intelligence level and extreme ability to begin a well thought out and meaningful conversation is indeed beyond normal comprehension. In short, it is really awesome to be able to have a conversation with you, be it at the cafeteria or in the swimming pool, there is never a dull moment when you speak.


“I’m taller than everyone else. But I’m also sweet”


And of course, not forgetting a cool guy who’s already there for quite a while:

KC, I still have no idea what KC stands for but your name it seriously AWESOME!! Well, I do see you a lot, walking in and out of Block B with Seth but that’s because I live in the same block as you guys. You demonstrate the epitome of coolness. I mean, from the first day you spoke, I was literally amazed at how you make so few words sound so awesome. Though you may be quiet but you do voice things out that matter and that contributes to your coolness. They say, awesome looks and intelligence can never mix. You’ve proven that statement wrong. I mean, you’re the coolest and most handsome neurosurgeon I know. Overall, you are a really cool guy and it’s been great getting to know you.

I almost forgot, you are nuts for travelling halfway across the world just to see your buddies again and I can guarantee you, we all love you for that. You are one hell of a determined fellow and a person who will go all out to value friendship and togetherness despite being super cool and all. Heh! Heh!


“Don’t touch my hair”


Well, there are a few things I thing all of you have in common. Firstly and most importantly, you all are extremely kind and talented. Secondly, you all have the brains that can trump that of Einstein’s (what are you all eating?). Thirdly, you are one in a trillion. There will never be anyone who can be better than all of you. This message also goes out to all AUP students who have excelled and are heading to the States to further their studies. I’m sorry I did not manage to include you all in this post but always know that you will always be in my heart.

I would like to say:


I have no word to end this so in a bombshell, I take a bow before all of you and a warm hug for all of you. Take care and all the best^^

*Photo credits to everyone who took those awesome looking photos


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