My Little Sister is All Grown Up

The sad but inconvenient truth is that I had to know this through Facebook. How ironic, the thing which actually brought people closer could actually lead to ones eventual downfall. But the reason I am writing this post is not to express distraught (like how I usually do) but to rejoice. The status blared across my Facebook News Feed:

“Tricia Gan is in a relationship with Leong Chia How”

Tonnes of comments swooped across the page as if it were greased lightning. A bit ‘paiseh’ that I was one of the last to give my congratulations. After more than 3/4 of a year since you became my lil’ sis, you finally got into a relationship with a person whom you truly love and I am sure he will love you just the same. Goodness gracious, time does really fly. It seems like just yesterday you were pestering me with your adorable little smile and big bulbous eyes. As much as those seem like a pain in my neck but they made me grew fonder each time. You really behaved uniquely as opposed to many others. You were like the sister I never had (seriously, I never had a biological sister). Sometimes, you would ask about things related to the general functions of the world and some of which I was not too familiar with. I would always try (though I fail miserably) to answer them but despite the hard effort to explain them, they have indeed made me more resilient to repetitive questions.

I do agree that my EQ has not been the best or even close to good but I have always wanted to be a friend and to be helpful to everyone. It’s just that my messages and intentions are always misunderstood by many. I do not blame them though. It’s hard for people to understand someone who blows his lid every single minute. I appreciated it deeply, the fact that you always believed in me despite many others condemning me based on my personality. You know the background of my life and I am happy and grateful that you have held on to me all this while.

Some of the major points which I had never told you before occurs not within the 3/4 of a year but way before that. The first time I saw you was the weekend after OLE 2010 near the MPH Hall. You were there with your family, though I did not really bother why you were really there. Fast forward 3 months and we were rushing to pull through the final leg of F-Night 2010. Despite the impression many had on you, I had always believed that you would change for the better one day. That was why I was so happy when you became my lil’ sister. It was quite a strange feeling at first, how an iron fisted person like me can actually have a lil’ sister.

Fast forward 3/4 of a year and time has really made the best out of you. You have became better, stronger and more compassionate than ever before. It may be hard for you to see it but I can see it and I hope you’d take my word for it. You outperform and outlast the best of people in ways you can’t even imagine. You have indeed taught me the true value of friendship and what it means to be human. There is nothing embarrassing about crying. Even the toughest of men cry. It only makes you more human. You have also made me feel what it felt like to lose everything at one go and what it felt like to be knocked down to the ground. All this has made me a much stronger person I will have to say and I really thank you for that. I am happy to be able to learn from you too.

The most unique thing you possess is your smile. It’s something not many people have, lil’ sis. A smile which creases across your face every single minute is a sight to behold. The unique part about it is that it rubs off on even the hardest and cruellest of tyrants. Soon, you will realise that these tyrants begin to smile more often. It’s amazing how a cheerful personality can make another person feel cheerful too.

Here are a few photos which I found lying in my picture library. As I look through them, they really bring back fond memories and remind me of how much time has passed since we first met.


The first photo I ever took with you. My goodness, you were really small back then.


Correction, this was the first. That’s why I did the same thing you did to me right back at you.


More than a year later, you have blossomed into a beautiful, young butterfly.


Though some habits still die hard. You still are camera shy at times.


You always epitomized the smile in every situation.


Once again, the smile is evident.


With a smile on your face, you continue to soar higher and to be free.

The 3/4 of the year was indeed memorable. I hope you will be able to remember them as I do. The time has come now for me to take my seat. You are now in the safe and capable hands of you boyfriend. I wish you all the most sincere happiness and prosperity and may your relationship last for the generations to come.

I look in the mirror as the wrinkles on my face crease wider and the white hairs on my head grow longer. I am not getting any younger but I hope that I have been able to make an impact in your life. Follow what your heart tells you and never give up no matter what. In life, there are always choices. It depends on whether you want to look for them or not.

It has been an honour to have you as a lil’ sister and I thank you for that. Finally, I would like to apologise for any harm I have caused you throughout the length of time and I hope you will not hold a personal grudge against this aging fellow. You always told me that people can change no matter what so please do believe that.

You have truly become everything anyone could ever ask for and I would say that your boyfriend is one lucky person to have you. I am sure he will wake up everyday knowing that he is the luckiest person alive to have you. Continue pushing forward and never forget those who will always be there for you. Always remember, if you need any advice or help, I am always here to help.

Take care my dear lil’ sis. You have truly become everything I could ever ask for. 


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