Today is a very special occasion and it’s barely even 2 days since my previous post. Anyway, there is only a few minutes left before the day ends but I would like to say:


It’s that time of the year again, big guy^^

Jonathan Teh, my brother who is half my mass and weight but with a heart that outweighs mine by tenfold no, a hundred folds. I guess that everything isn’t dependent on size and strength. Sometimes, even the smallest people have the biggest hearts (go watch Captain America!). In addition to that, I don’t reckon I’ve ever seen you sad before, only happy, bouncing around everywhere with your signature, “LOL!”. It’s true that it’s already a year since you left for America and my oh my, does time really fly…oops…I mean, does time really crawl. This one year has been a real testing phase. I lost friends and family but gained new ones along the way. It’s true that I’ll never be able to be you or come close to what you have done. You gave me a family away from my family (home away from home). I’d always remember those moments vividly. You taught me that brute force, anger and hatred doesn’t really solve anything and I thank you for that. Thank you for all the advice and hope that you have given me. It’s not everyday that someone accepts me or understands me for who I am or what I am. It’s just depressing but as depressing as it is, it’s the way life works. I hope you are doing well in America. Never give up hope in whatever you, brother. We will definitely meet again. God bless.


“It’s not about being perfect but just being yourself. Just be who you are. And chill. LOL!”

-The Great Philosopher: Jonathan Teh-


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