The Girl of Little Words but Many Thoughts

It’s that time of year again, but it’s not the one where I say, “Oh damn! I’m so sick and fed-up of this.” Before I continue, I would like to show you something:


Ain’t that the cutest cake you have ever seen?

That’s right folks. It’s the birthday of a very special girl to my heart. So, I’d like to give a really loud shoutout:


My oh my, does time really fly by faster than the speed of sound. Nay, the speed of light I have to say. It seems like just yesterday when we celebrated the birthdays of the August babies and today, another year has passed. Don’t feel old though. With age comes great wisdom (that’s why grandmothers know the best. XD Joking only).

What amazes me is your progress since last year. You are a girl who everyone knows as a girl of little words but many thoughts as the title of this post suggests. You were always a person who was never the socialite but you always had what you wanted to say inside your mind. Throughout the year, what really impressed me was your determination to further improve yourself.

Fast forward one year and your achievements are amazing. You have became the perfect soul mate. I cannot find the words to explain the greatness you possess but I want you to know that I have never regretted a single moment where I have you in my life. I wish to relive every memory and moment we have shared together.

Thank you my dear, for always being there for me and never feel sad or disheartened by any situation. Hope you had a great birthday, my dear. Take care.


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