Crazy over….PIRATES?

Come on GSC!!! I starred angrily at the computer waiting for the reservation window to open. Finally, after 20 minutes of frustrating page refreshing, I finally managed to reserve 2 tickets to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at Mid Valley. This was on Friday, 20th May 2011, at 12.00am.

On the 22nd of May, 2011, I boarded a train to Mid Valley at about 9.45am (after waiting for more than 1 friggin’ hour for our ‘beloved’ and ‘reliable’ KTM) en route to Serdang to meet my dearest Catherine. Reached Mid Valley at about 11.00am. From there, we went straight to collect the tickets and had a really awesome and delicious sandwich breakfast. Later, it was a walk around Mid Valley to which we stumbled upon a big surprise when we arrived at the Centre Court. This is what we saw:


I would have to say: BOAT!!!!

I know that that Pirates of the Caribbean is a really big blockbuster flick and all but is this really necessary? According to HSBC, IT IS NECESSARY!!! Why? Well, this leads us to one phrase which we would have probably heard from the prequel of this movie: “IT’S NOTHING PERSONAL, JUST GOOD BUSINESS.”

Well, one things for certain, they did not save up on expenses at all. 


Frontal portion of the model ship


The multiple cannons which adorn the ship


Such close attention paid to detail


Looks quite haunting when viewed from below

The best part was they actually got nearly all wings of MidValley involved in the decorations. From mega LEGO pirate dioramas to pirate ice-cream shacks to a Pirates of the Caribbean Gallery. Seriously!!


LEGO Diorama


I see you, Jack!


Didn’t I say there was a gallery? Let’s see what’s inside.





Amazing right? And the best part of it is that anyone can experience all this all in the name of business. The moral learned from all of this is not that Pirates of the Caribbean is an awesome show but more accurately, it is the impact this movie gives. With 3 prequels made, all of which have captivated audiences, it is no wonder many people are eager to watch the 4th instalment.

Despite the many opinions and criticism given on the 4th instalment, I have no comment nor an opinion to give pertaining the matter and recommend that you watch the movie to find out yourself. With that, I take my leave until my next post. Thank you.


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