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The Tale of Three Boys and a Hill

Well, firstly, what I am going to say is not much of an epic plan but more practically a symbolic  event. But before heading in that direction, let’s head towards the direction of how it all began.

As you all probably know, my brother, Loo Lip Yong is flying off to America in about 2 months time. Yes, a big congratulations to him for being admitted into Wisconsin-Madison to pursue his dreams of becoming ‘The Wall Street Builder’.


The soon to be, ‘Wall Street Builder’

Well, I was heading back to Ipoh on the 10th of May 2011. And Lip Yong’s exam would only finish on the 9th. Yeah, this would be his last semester in INTI International University and before I leave for semester break, it was logical to go out with a bang. So, the suggestion for a hiking expedition was chosen.

    • Location: Broga Hill, Kampung Broga, Negeri Sembilan
    • Time: 5.00 am
    • Date: 10th May 2011

Met up at 5 am as agreed at Block C. Sad to say, I was the one who was late because I had to look for some protection. Basically, we were climbing a very tall hill, in the middle of nowhere, to watch the sunrise. Words from others was it could get dangerous if the sun isn’t up yet and God knows what or who lurks in the darkness. So, I had to take my trusty butterfly knife along (better to be safe than sorry)Problem is, it isn’t that big and it was hell to find. Finally, I found her in my baby’s glove compartment.

We took Alex’s Myvi and depended heavily on Lip Yong’s trusty GPS. After about 45 minutes of driving and ‘tongsat lou’ (getting lost), we arrived at the small village of Broga. Well, by the time we had arrived, the place was still surrounded by darkness. It took us quite a while and some questioning of a few locals before finally reaching the base of the hill. There was really something strange about the village. An aura unique and yet frightening at the same time. It will be much later before we discover the strange eeriness which was haunting my spine. So, we reached the base of the hill at precisely 6.10 am which was already shrouded with about 20 cars. Odd thing was, it was already dawn but everything was pitch black. I mean, we literally were shrouded in darkness. Should have listened to Alex (who has been up this mountain before) about bringing a flashlight along. Luckily, the camera flashes on the phones could be switched on.

We threaded through a oil palm estate with no heading but the incline of the hill as a guide. Along the way, we pushed through hedges along dirt tracks. As we ascended the first quarter, we walked along ridge sides, enough for only a person, with a rope separating the hiker from a 250 feet plunge. From there, things only got worse. The dirt trail became so inclined, that without proper footwear, one would be guaranteed a slip and a slide and a long roll back down the hill. It’s not a deadly roll but it’s definitely bruise you. Footholds dug in previously made it somewhat safer but a lot more tiresome as it seemed that they would consume your entire leg as you use them. At this point, I was beginning to feel a sense of regret going up this hill. Lugging nearly 90kg worth of body weight up the hill was no easy feat and I kept falling behind. Feeling the sense of surrender, I thought of dropping behind and let Alex and Lip Yong go on first. Instead of complying, Alex went on to clear a easy path while Lip Yong stayed alongside me to give me the boost I needed and to ensure I didn’t get left behind. I was really touched deep down. They were really, my two brothers. We pushed on, and with every amount of strength we had, we could see the summit. Overjoyed, I yelled out:

   “WE MADE IT!!!!”

At that moment, Alex pointed out that we were only almost reaching the first summit. =_=”

Seeing that I needed a breather, we all decided to take a break. The view from that point was awe-inspiring. The lights from the village down below as well as the cities of Semenyih, Bangi and Kajang were all visible from where we stood. It spanned as far as the eye could see or probably as far as the mist of day appeared.


Photo was taken at 6.30 am. I think it’s Alex and me. 3 quarter way through to Summit No.1. Was a 20 minute climb from base to get to this point.


Just before we reached Summit No. 1. Time showed 6.35 am. Gives you an idea of how dark it was when we started climbing.

With the first summit in sight and a near 75 degree incline, we took our chance and scrambled up the hill, nearly slipping but with the spirit of friendship as well as our determination, we reached Summit No. 1 at precisely 6.44 am. And lo and behold, it was a sight that was worth the effort. By then, the rays of day had peeked slightly through the clouds which lay overhead, illuminating the great view all around. It was worth every ounce of our sweat and effort.


The view from Summit No. 1 of Broga Hill.


Lip Yong and the lalang encounter. Must be reminiscing about Bagan Lalang beach^^


The lights from Semenyih illuminate the background. The smile on my face showing victory.


Admiring the splendorous view which lay all around. Lights of Broga Village in the background.


Two brothers with a self satisfied smile across their faces


“Look, Alex. That’s Broga Village and there is a highway peeking through those mountains”


Looks like something from “The Lion King”



With that, we decided to look over the northeast face of the hill. We saw Summit No. 2 barely 200 meters away. It spanned even higher than Summit No. 1 and with some encouragement from Alex, we decided to take caution to the wind and head towards in before the sun peeked through the clouds even more. With a daring dash, we scrambled with all our might, up the side of the mountain where after another 10 minutes, we reached the top of Summit No. 2. By now, all our energy was nearly drained out (either that or it was just me) but with a sigh of relief, we have reached a lookout point with an even more splendorous view.


Alex admiring the view dangerously from Summit No. 2


Me breathing the fresh air, Lip Yong snapping a photo and….who’s that in the middle?


Lip Yong striking a pose with Summit No. 3 in the background


On phone: “You have no idea where I am right now. Seriously, it’s just awesome….and you have really good reception up here”


Brothers 4 Life!!

Summit No. 2 was not as crowded as the first but it eventually attracted the attention of some of the hikers on Summit No. 1. All in all, you can see that there are rocks on the summit, all wonderful creations of God. We went photo berserk with the cameras so here are some photos to commemorate the epic and awesome hill climb from the base to Summit No. 1 and finally Summit No. 2. There was still Summit No. 3 but I think we were too tired to climb up to that level (once again, I think it’s just me who was tired)


The Wall Street Builder strikes his pose


Alex being the champion photographer


Love you guys to the max


INTI is now in BROGA!!


Do not disturb, meditation in progress


The wind in my hair, I look back and wonder, “I had always loved you, but it was hard for you to notice me. I can understand. It was not your wish and I am sorry I forced it on you. Now you speak to me. Silent but full of thought. You now express your feelings and I thank you for that.”


Junior and Senior are reunited once again^^


Towering giants of industry and supremacy


Dearest Alex with his ever changing facial expression


Check out the size of muscles they are packing




Posing with the southwest section of Summit No. 2


The heroes who have managed to conquer Summit No. 3

By the way, from the top of Summit No. 2, we were also able to see one of the most prestigious campuses for higher education in Malaysia:


University of Nottingham as viewed from Summit No. 2

In addition to that, no photo-shoot can be completed without the customary “leaping shot”. Hence, in keeping up with the tradition set by the counterparts of our generation, these shots are most important.




Aren’t these the shots that most students of our age group tend to do?

Well at about 8.15 am, we made our descent from the summit. It was getting late so what do you expect? Heh! Heh! Well then, we headed towards the village of Broga for a little morning chow. With reference to what I have said earlier, here’s what we found out about the village seeing that the sun has brighten up the area.

It’s a small village with a population of about a few hundred. The community is made up of mostly Chinese and Indians but no Malays were seen. The food is of abundance and they are cooked the traditional way, which leads me to the mystery. The age gap between the residents were great. Either they are senior citizens or they are very young school going children. It just leads one to realise the reality.

“When the young ones reach the age of maturity, they will spread their wings and fly, leaving behind their nest and their aging parents, in pursuit of new conquests. Eventually, when they have made their fortune, they return to care for their parents as their parents have cared for them. Some return with that goal, others leave their aging parents to a condemned fate. At long last, it’s places like Broga Village which end up as a senior citizens final sanctuary where they will spend their final years.”

A fate which cannot be chosen but it’s just a fruit for thought. Now, back to Lip Yong and the reason for the tiring and probably suicidal hill climb.


The sunrise symbolises the beginning of the day. I here rounds and rounds of farewell events for Lip Yong. Which, with all due respect, makes me want to shout:


The sunrise marks a brand new start for Lip Yong. May his ventures to the land of opportunities lead him to greater successes. We are not saying goodbye to him forever as we are going to see him again. I understood the term ‘I AM NOT DYING!!’ So, this hill climb is to symbolise the term ‘I AM ALIVE!!” The view of sunrise shows it’s blessings upon the inhabitants on the earth providing us with an undying source of energy, lights and warmth. It blesse those looking for a new start which is what Lip Yong is going through.

There is a term that time flies very fast and i am definite we will see Lip Yong again in a blink of an eye, clutching the key to success in his hand and the keys to WALL STREET!!! Wishing him never ending prosperity and constant blessing from God.

Til’ next time, adieu^^


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