My Boy, You Are Now A Man

Since I’m on semester break, I can’t help but dish out all the old photos in the album to have a look. One thing which caught my eye was a person I use to tease a lot. He used to be ‘bashful Barry’, finding every reason to hide from anyone and everyone whom he is not acquainted to. One picture which caught my eye was this one:


Observe the gentleman to the left.

Yup, today, I’m going to talk about:


The photo above was taken in 2007 along Gurney Drive, Penang. My younger brother was plump, bashful and a complete antisocial. He would never mix with anyone he didn’t know. He never participated in any activities be it in school or out of school. Sigh! It was a real heartache to see him like that. I was worried he would be an antisocial for life. Honestly, I took pride in myself back then, being the head of many clubs and societies, sociable and just plain extroverted. My baby brother was the complete opposite of me back then. Physically plump and slightly unfit, I prayed everyday that he would turn out to be the frontier of society. If he had the choice to not be part of something, he would. If he had the choice to not go for an activity, he would. If he had the choice to not meet someone, he would. All in all, he was just one extremely reclusive person.

Fast forward 4 years and my baby brother


The same gentleman in the year 2011

Today, everything I thought my brother would be was proven completely wrong. And this is one time, I am happy to be proven wrong. Today, my baby brother is one of the most influential persons in his school and also well known in many other schools. Heh! Heh! It even feel strange calling him my baby brother. Today, he is the head of more clubs and societies than I had ever dreamed of. He has participated in more competitions that I did in my high school life. He knows more people than me (especially MORE GIRLS THAN ME!! =_=”). He still maintains the I’m cold and cool face but with superimposed effects. I mean, he makes it his signature, his sarcasm, his style, his life. Not to mention, from being a self concerned person, he actually places everyone else before him, behaving like a kind Samaritan, a blue blood working class hero and a debonair gentlemen. Physically, he is more well built and stronger than me by at least 10 folds, not to mention good looking too.

Supposedly, sibling rivalry would occur. If you are thinking of that then nuts to you. I may be a grumpy old grouch but I ain’t the jealous or vengeful type (unless of course he screws up my car. Kidding^^). It is a very proud moment for me to see him leading so many of his peers, socialising actively and even, participating in a brutal game of football. All in all, the bashful baby brother I knew 4 years ago is no longer the same person. He has changed for the better and change for better he has. It just brings a tear of joy to see him so happy, jovial and determined to succeed as opposed to his old, “I DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT LIFE AND ALL!” style.

He is no longer afraid of anyone or anything, being able to take the world by the horns, corner it and then tame it. His studies is way off the charts, beating me at every field and it is a wonderful sight to see. I bellow a great laugh to see him so determined and passionate about his goal in life. He has put me out of my misery (NOT THE ONE INVOLVING DEATH YEAH!!). My misery of uncertainty and worry, of what he’ll become in the future. Will he ever be sociable? Will he succeed? Will he get a girlfriend? (optional my dear boy). All these questions are now buried in time and will forever be. Because he has become everything I had expected him to become and even beyond that.

“My dear boy, you have indeed made me proud. I am glad you have proven me wrong. You have indeed impressed mummy, daddy and me as well as all your peers. From zero to hero, just like that. Continue your passion, determination and courage to achieve your goals and I can assure you, the sky’s the limit. As your elder brother, you have my blessings in everything you intend to pursue EXCEPT smoking, drugs, alcohol, and ESPECIALLY A DAMN MOTORCYCLE.

All the best in everything you do, baby bro. No matter what happens, no matter where I am, know that I’ll always be there for you no matter what. Take care. LOVE YOU TO THE MAX, BIG GUY^^”


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