The God of Thunder

Fellow readers, a movie which I would recommend all of you to watch is this:
Went to Mid Valley Megamall on the 6th of may 2011 (Friday) with the intention to watch Fast Five. Left INTI at about 4.30pm and arrived at 5.30pm. Waited in line to buy the ticket for about 35 minutes. Yes, I didn’t manage to make prior reservations so guess what, it was all sold out (next time, I’m getting the damn Eon Card). Anyway, I was stuck with no idea of what to watch. Catherine was by my side and she saw the hatred glow of anger in my eyes. Asking if Thor was ok with her, she agreed. Best part about it was she insisted on paying for the tickets as an early birthday present for me^^
In total, we spend RM 26 on the tickets only, FOR 2 PEOPLE!! (things are really getting more expensive)
I felt ashamed at myself. I was a person who could never lose. No matter what the challenge was, I was willing to push myself to insurmountable limits in order to achieve the greatest of challenges. Not even when my health was on the line, will I surrender. So, not getting Fast Five tickets didn’t really make my day. In fact:
We went for dinner before I realised that she was a bit gloomy. She was concerned that one day, my anger, hatred and ‘never losing’ attitude might engulfed me. I was so worried that I had caused her to live in fear because of this. My attitude does not engulf me or make me obsessed, it just makes me want to achieve higher. After comforting her, we went in for the movie. Expecting something horrible and boring, I slouched a bit but when the movie began, I just sat back up.
Everything about the movie was not what I expected. It was seriously epic and awesome at the same time. The storyline was very educational and meaningful (sorry for those who expected to see a man with an oversized hammer beating everyone up, but there are still some violence involved). Besides, the animation as well as the music were inspirational and well played out in accordance to the film. It was definitely well worth the money and the moral of the story hit me like a tonne of bricks. For one of the only times I have watched a movie and actually learned a lesson from the movie.
As an extremely amateur critic, it’s not every time that I write reviews for movies. I won’t write about movies that I find not worth the money or time at all but Thor is definitely a movie which eliminates all negative points. All in all, it combines the elements of humour, action and relationship in the entire movie itself. So, if you are free and have the money, you might just want to consider watching: THOR!!!
What I had learnt from this movie is that a superimposed ego will get me nowhere. If I am able to bring myself down a few notches and learn to accept that I cannot win everything, then I will be able to become a person true to himself and at the same time, a person who will be able to be gentle and beneficial to society. So seriously, watch it and you’d understand.


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