The Tale of Pompous Eating

Thursday, 14th April 2011 marked a day of food epic-ness. The day my closest buddies and I went to:




Promoting Jogoya? By all means^^


Located directly opposite this behemoth of a shopping mall. Go through J.W. Marriott hotel to get there.

It is a Japanese fusion restaurant, established in 2006 which serves up…well…anything that you could think of. I mean, come on, the restaurant alone covers up an area of about 30,000 square feet. That’s slightly smaller or about the size of a football pitch. The cuisine from the main quarters are present for consumption, namely: Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Western, Malay, Teppanyaki and many more. And guess what. So what is the main theme for this restaurant?

5 words dear readers:


Well isn’t that strange. All you can eat with the best food available. The question now is, why do frugal people like myself actually go for something like that. It’s bound to be pricey and I am a class one Ipoh-Cheapo. So, what’s the catch? Hmm…. Well, it’s this:

dec pop

That’s right, the Ipoh-Cheapo would never go for anything without a sale, discount or an offer. The price is about RM98 but since it’s for 2 people, we divided it in half making it about RM 50. Mind you, it may seem a lot to pay but it was well worth the money. I mean, come to think of it, it was damn hell worth it. Why do I say so? Have a look at this:



King Crab (for Jogoya members only but who cares, everyone is a member right?)

Honestly, when I checked out the place, I couldn’t believe what the website said was true. They had everything and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING!!! It was impossible to complete the entire line-up of food even if we were to consume minute quantities of all of them. To prove my point, I have compiled a list of food consumed by all of us

The total death toll of food are as follows:

  1. 10 huge oysters                            
  2. 15 Tiger Prawns
  3. 500 grams of squid
  4. 38 assorted shellfishes
  5. 14 giant clams
  6. 2 pieces of mackerel
  7. 2 pieces of codfish
  8. 8 cheese baked potatoes
  9. 46 assorted sushi pieces
  10. 50 grams of abalone
  11. 150 grams of crab
  12. 40 grams of salmon
  13. 4 cream soufflé
  14. 16 plates of assorted dim sum
  15. 12 bowls of Hagen–Daz ice cream
  16. 8 bowls of herbal soup
  17. 10 sticks of marshmallow & chocolate
  18. 12 pieces of friend prawn dumplings
  19. 5 giant clams
  20. 8 assorted types of drinks

All in all, it is clearly visible that there was an insurmountable amount of binging involved during the feast. And the list above was about only half of what was present for consumption. For the first time ever, I entered hyper-kiasu mode (mode which sees me tanking up on all the unique food). The main deal however was not about the delicious assortment of food available but more accurately, it was who was eating along. To be surrounded with your closest friends gave an even warmer atmosphere to the meal (because everyone had steamy breath…XD). It’s just so awesome to have your closest brothers and sisters eating at the same table. Anyway, it was a fun filled night filled with lots of talking, eating, drinking, more talking, even more eating and so on.

At the end of it all, I realised I was pregnant. I couldn’t even button up my pants. Seriously, my waistline really expanded by nearly an inch. So, we went straight back to INTI in Alex’s trusty car. Poor car had to strain to carry so many people inside. By the time we got back, everyone just felt like dropping down and sleeping.

It was really an enjoyable day with the most enjoyable friends ever. Love ya’ll. Take care. 


Me Familia. Love ya’ll to the max


The Road to Obesity


Preparing to eat. But before we do, a little photo


This shot is called enjoying life


A pot of seafood.


AHA! A slice of delicious fish. Who could ever resist? Ha! Ha!


Two brothers who have seen it all and done it all since high school^^


Su Ann and Lip Yong. Su Ann looks unique with short hair


Two girls with contrasting personalities but are absolutely sisters


Got busybody bystander in the background. Potong steam.


Emo-ness in light^^


The Wall Street Builder


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