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Live Curious

This may be at least half a year old but somehow or rather, it has a really meaningful message behind it. The first time I saw this was when Dr. Sia talked about it at the recent Youth Empowerment Camp. That was when I realised it was actually a National Geographic advertisement and everyone know NatGeo is famous for developing the most knowledgeable and inspiring promotional videos for their programme.This, I  have to say is one of the most inspiring. Imagine tackling the most important aspect of humans but yet the most unnoticeable aspect: The Magnificent Human Mind.We humans have always been the most intelligent life forms on planet Earth and our achievements are not something to be sneered at either. All of that comes from the 5 wives and 1 husband all humans have: What? Where? When? Why? Who? How?It is the curiosity of humans which have boosted the human species to the point of supremacy, able to conquer anything as long as we are determined to do so. From the deepest oceans to t…