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Confucius - The Final Chapter

It has been just more than a year since the Confucius family was established by not one person but the effort of everyone who formed this great family. OLE January 2010 marked its birth and so far, I can proudly say that it IS the longest standing group from OLE January 2010. As long as it may seem, the memories stay vivid in my head. Me and Foo Shi Hao were never from this group. I remembered Shi Hao so well. I couldn't pronounce his name so he asked me to call him Foo only and that name stuck to him ever since. I was the first to be imported over by Dr. Sia but I remembered dragging Foo along into that group. I have always been thankful for Dr. Sia for making that move. When we went over, my oh my, what a handsome and beautiful looking group it was. Our great facilitators were Qin Le and Jonathan Teh, 2 names I would remember forever. Though not personally attached to Qin Le, I can safely say that everyone would remember Jonathan Teh. Jonathan Teh was a boy of many words. Was th…