The Day We Heard The Orchestra

In my one year in college, there will always be one thing which I will always remember, “Going to the Orchestra.” By orchestra here, I’m meaning the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra at the Petronas Philharmonic Hall. Yeah, first things first, how does a business student end up at a music hall. Well, to answer that, lets just say that having some influential friends can help you pull some influential strings to achieve some influential tickets to the orchestra (Lip Yong takes Music Appreciation under AUP so he can take friends to watch the orchestra). Man, I love my extreme exaggeration skills. Heh! Heh! Anyway, it was very nice of him to grab me and Catherine along for the orchestra.


I twisted my neck taking this photo. Yes, the Petronas Philharmonic Hall is part of the Twin ‘Jagungs’ Towers.


We managed to go for two of these events which was quite unique. The first of which was on 26th September 2010 on a Sunday. We took the INTI Bus to the Philharmonic Hall. But it was on that day I made a close to fatal but more likely embarrassing experience which will be explained in the following picture:


What is wrong with this shot? Based on the dressing style.





Yeah, I wore a bowtie and a full suit on the wrong day. It’s a known policy that one needs to wear ultra-formal on Saturday night performances. Sunday on the other hand exercises more leniency. This means that rather than dressing like that, a polo T-shirt and slacks would be suffice. Jeez… If I knew, I wouldn’t have dressed like that. Anyway, here’s two photos of the inside of the hall. With some of the nice interior design of the hall.


Just before the interval ended.


That item in the background is actually a massive pipe organ for your information.

The typical impression everyone would give: “Orchestra? Waste of money. Pay so much to be put to sleep by boring songs.”

I can assure you, that impression would be as wrong as it’ll ever get. The music and synchrony is absolutely mind blowing (mind BLASTING according to Kok Hin). The tunes played were so empowering, with the sound of violins, harps, cymbals and the works, all working to achieve a massive crescendo. An overture of dreams and a concerto of empowerment. Honestly, this are one of the few things Malaysia has which is taken for granted by many. If Malaysia had 7 Wonders, this would be one of them. Ticket prices may be steep at some performances depending on whose performing and the number of performers but I can assure you that it’s worth every single cent.

While we were there, we were also given some time to do a little shopping but being that it was Suria KLCC, window shopping would be wiser and more apparent. Well, here are some photos as usual to give you all a clearer view of what happened. As they always say, a picture speaks a thousand words. So, here are some photos to speak thousands of words.


Buddies 4 Life! From left, Lip Yong (Lipton), Kok Hin (Vietcong), Florence (Tiny Little Firecracker), Catherine (My Dear)


The ones who are taking Music Appreciation. Thanks for dragging friends along for the opportunity.


A garden amidst a concrete jungle.


Kok Hin poised to pull down a tree…. Ha! Ha!


Kok Hin: Dey! Don’t stand so close to her. Mine ar.



The second time I went for the Philharmonic Orchestra was on 10th October 2010. Once again, courtesy of Lip Yong. This time, we were given the opportunity to witness a movie screening with the movie soundtracks, courtesy of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. The music was really haunting in ways but extremely synchronised to the movie scenes. Later, we were fortunate enough to be able to do some more window shopping as well as a chance to view a really awesome bike show. So, here are some shots we took the second time we went.


Lip Yong and Symone. Don’t they look so sweet together?


Me and my dear. HAH! I’m not dressed so ultra formal this time.


A beautiful outfit on a beautiful girl. NO TOUCH! She’s mine. XD


Trying to be a real good poser.


Up close headshot.


Little Miss Always Happy…XD


Dirt Bike of sorts?


Harley Davidson’s brother from another mother…


Just needed to pose in front of this bike.


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