It Ain’t a Battle Warrior. It’s a High Flyer

It’s been precisely 1 year since I got my good old reliable Nike+/Air. And indeed, they were really battle warriors. Built to withstand any amount of abuse and terrain. In short, they were sport shoes (pardon my exaggeration). Only predicament, I’m a college student. Gone are the days where I brutally ran across a damp field to get somewhere or chasing my friends around.


The battle warriors when I first bought them.

Hence, after one year of wearing them, it’s time to give them a break. No, I’m not throwing them away. I’m still going to treat them the same way but with the rank of veteran shoes.

Anyway, here are the new babies. Not really clear what classification or product line they come under but we’ll just call them Nike Classics:


The ominous and always simple Nike shoebox.


Check them out. Don’t they look beautiful?


Hmmm… 3 things I’ve learn. My feet are quite big. It’s called Sweet Classic SL09 and it’s ‘Made in China’ (name me something that isn’t)




Multiple views of the new High Flyers.

Well, I couldn’t really tell how they are because I’m just wore them once. They are quite comfortable and have eliminated the typical sportsman impression about myself. Now, I’m just well….Thomas without sport shoes. It’s going to take a while before I am able to see the change but other than that, I know that it looks and feels awesome. Or in Business Studies terms, OWNERSHIP UTILITY!!


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