A Slice of the Past 4

This photo was the first time I’ve bonded with the renowned Michaelian Debaters’ Club since handing over the reins to the new executive committee. I returned from INTI during the March holidays to help the debate team with their upcoming UTP Debate Competition. This competition is hosted annually by University Teknologi Petronas for a majority of the premier schools In the Perak region. About 30 schools were selected to participate in the event. Among them was St. Michael’s Institution, my alma mater, the pioneer and reigning pride of English Debate in Malaysia.

Basically, the debate team consisted of James William Foong, Kenny Liew and Noel Anthony Mano with reserve speaker Frederick Dylan. I assisted with the logistics as well as the registration of the debate team before and during the day of the event. However, when the day arrived, a grave danger occurred when there were not enough adjudicators present to adjudicate the multiple preliminary debates, all of which occurred simultaneously. Hence, teacher advisor for the Michaelian Debate Club, Mr. A. Thedarajan volunteered me as adjudicator for the prelims as well as the octo, quarter and semi-finals matches all of which would occur on the same day as well.

Well, it was a very tiring as well as exhausting day for me. Honestly, adjudicating consecutively is extremely difficult and one must be aware not to make any errors in adjudicating as any misjudgement would show one is not a good adjudicator. Thankfully, with the amount of training I have received prior to the debate as an adjudicator had paid off with every decision made and deliberated, just and fair.

The photo below shows the debate team, me and Mr. Thedarajan and Kevin/ Kenneth Mano.


Back row: James “Joker” Foong, Noel “Serious” Mano, Kenny “Sarcasm” Liew and Frederick The Head.

Front Row: Kenneth/Kevin “Twin” Mano, Me and Mr. Rajan “The Man”


Mr. Rajan and I.


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