Snapshots From College

I’m really sorry that this post had to come in so late. It has already been so many months since I’ve been in college and honestly, it’s been one of the greatest moments in my life so far. A moment of freedom. One of which has brought fond memories as well as nightmares into my life. For once, I’ve actually lived away from home, away from my mothers delicious home cooked food, away from my loving and adoring family members. But its a phase of life one has to go through eventually. Be it now or later (better to be now than never), we all have to undergo this phase of life and embrace it rather than to despise it. For this is the very reason we undergo all this to make ourselves better and more efficient than we can ever imagine.

Now the 6 months I’ve spent as an INTIAN (students/residents of INTI University College) I have realised many things which are extremely important in live. Firstly, one would notice that with great power comes even greater responsibility. To explain this quotation I took from the good old Spiderman movies, imagine being given a great amount of freedom. A freedom whereby there are no parents to tell us what to do, what to eat, when to sleep where to go and where not to go. Interestingly, the toll on me was not as bad as it was on the others as quoted by some who had to learn it the hard way. The first problem when one is given this amount of freedom all of a sudden, especially when we have been under our parents governance for the past 17 years is what to do in our daily schedule.

Usually, the only thing college students would do during their free time besides their studies and assignments is to sleep. Honestly, in college, the first thing one would notice is the lack of sleep. Upon average, I would get only 3 to 5 hours of sleep a day maximum. Sometimes, I would not even sleep at all. This is due to the fact that I am taking 7 subjects over the standard 4 subject requirement meaning I have more subjects, more assignments and more stress than any other students. It is deduced that the amount of stress undertaken by a student of my kind is equivalent to that of a degree level student. And I’m only a first semester, 18 year old student. One can imagine that this would be rather unfair but it’s a choice I have taken on my own. Because the more we learn, the better and more efficient we get.

Besides, the education system is much more in depth and the new marking system takes time to get used to. For example, for half a semester, one is required to memorize at least half a text book as opposed to the trimester system whereby only the core basics need to be addressed. Hence, there’s more to consume at the expense of time. Anyway, the result of a bi-semester system is 14 crazy assignments, 14 presentations, 14 tests and 6 final exam papers. No sweat eh?

Anyway, the semester is finally over and I intend to get some well earned sleep. Til’ my next post, cheerio!!


Meet Confucius Team and beyond.


What is wrong with this shot?


Confucius Family ‘National’ Bowling Team. ^^


First time seeing me smile? Not exactly.

DSC00773 The Confucius family. The closest knit family you’ll ever know.


Did I mention I was an expert pool player? Ha! Ha!

DSC01180 The ambassador of INTI UC?

DSC01133 (2)



My ever changing work station.

DSC01297 (2)



The Dream Team


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