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Snapshots From College

I’m really sorry that this post had to come in so late. It has already been so many months since I’ve been in college and honestly, it’s been one of the greatest moments in my life so far. A moment of freedom. One of which has brought fond memories as well as nightmares into my life. For once, I’ve actually lived away from home, away from my mothers delicious home cooked food, away from my loving and adoring family members. But its a phase of life one has to go through eventually. Be it now or later (better to be now than never), we all have to undergo this phase of life and embrace it rather than to despise it. For this is the very reason we undergo all this to make ourselves better and more efficient than we can ever imagine.Now the 6 months I’ve spent as an INTIAN (students/residents of INTI University College) I have realised many things which are extremely important in live. Firstly, one would notice that with great power comes even greater responsibility. To explain this quotati…