Business Studies (Test 2)

Spent the whole day studying for Business Studies (MGT1 1207) Test 2 today. I say, being confined in my dorm is quite stressful  especially when it’s crunch time. But still, I’m just glad that my dorm is actually very comfortable. Anyway, I managed to complete 2 chapters….2 bloody long chapters already. Another 2 to go.
Well, heading for breakfast and then, study fiesta. That’s all for now until my next post.
Rubbing left frontal and sphenoid to reduce pressure. Stupid business theories.
Ok, I think I’ve got it right. So Product Departmentalization basically mans replicating the same workforce for each product. Ceh!
What the heck is centralization and decentralization?

photos courtesy of Jeremy Tan who enjoyed seeing me suffer. ^^


Laimay said…
HAHAH!! Thomas can understand Chinese? LOL. I thought you're a banana? LOL
Thomas Liew said…
I am banana. That's why I didn't reply. I have no idea what it means.

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