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Business Studies (Test 2)

Spent the whole day studying for Business Studies (MGT1 1207) Test 2 today. I say, being confined in my dorm is quite stressful  especially when it’s crunch time. But still, I’m just glad that my dorm is actually very comfortable. Anyway, I managed to complete 2 chapters….2 bloody long chapters already. Another 2 to go.
Well, heading for breakfast and then, study fiesta. That’s all for now until my next post.
JAVOL!!! Rubbing left frontal and sphenoid to reduce pressure. Stupid business theories. Ok, I think I’ve got it right. So Product Departmentalization basically mans replicating the same workforce for each product. Ceh! What the heck is centralization and decentralization?
photos courtesy of Jeremy Tan who enjoyed seeing me suffer. ^^

Boredom Enhanced

This is going to be one of those days. Study break for majority of students taking short semesters. At least 75% of those going on break happen to be my closest buddies. My beloved has went back to her hometown as well as all my brothers and sisters. How fortunate of me to be one of the handful who are taking long semesters. That means when they’re examinations end, mines would have just started. But still, there are its benefits. I get a month long semester break while everyone else gets 2 weeks. HA! HA! Gives me more time to hang out with my buddies in Ipoh. Hope they all have semester break. Otherwise, my boredom would just drag on for another month. Well, going for breakfast now….I mean, brunch…..I mean lunch (screw breakfast). Tally-ho andJAVOL!!!

Back And Gone At The Same Time

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with great regret that I have not been maintain constant communication with all of you. But I just want you all to know that you are not forgotten. Life in college for me has been really taxing. I’m taking 7 subjects as compared to the standard, 4 subjects per semester. To those who find the need to hate me or anything, by all means, I welcome you to do so. But by George, if you ever accuse me of forgetting or not caring, please choke on your own vomit. I wish I could relive high school life all over again because in college, you will be deprived of cash, sleep, care and TIME!!! On average, I work at least 19 hours a day leaving me a minimal 5 hours of sleep or sometimes no time to sleep at all.Believe me, college life is a lot more taxing as compared to high school. So to those who are not yet in college, don’t comment on something you are not sure of. It just shows how idiotic you are. If you are that free, and want a reply, send me an e-mail. I’ll reply i…

New Shoes……GREAT!!!

In the transition to college, it is a unanimous decision that I need a new pair of shoes (my old pair ‘died-ed’ already). After much salvaging and scouting, I managed to locate the perfect pair. Seriously, it’s been a while since I’ve actually seen a shoe built to match me. It’s a state of the art Nike+ Air, sized 4E. Which is equivalent to a 11 half British and a 12 American.This shoes were so big when I saw them, my feet actually had space to breath inside of them. Costs about RM399 which was a real steal considering its size. Best part is I go jogging with it and it tells me how much calories I’ve burnt. Not on it’s own of course (neighbour in next room has and Ipod with the connecting device)That’s all for now. Take care people and God bless.The two “ships”. Seriously, they’re one of the largest ever made.Nike +. AWESOME!!!! All I need now is an Ipod thingamajig.Just another shot. Take note of the wide broadside.An art piece entitled : BOX!!!