Timothy's Back

Left - Right : Bryan Sjoeker, Hamim Farhan, Timothy Ong, Calvyn Ee, Me, Yoong Xiang and RJ Kevin.

Went to Jusco today. Timothy came back from Taiping for a visit. Host for the event was Calvyn Ee Han Xen. Honestly , I thought not many people would be showing up but this is one time I'm proud to be proven wrong. Kudos to Calvyn for planning such an awesome outing. Kudos to his effort in making this outing a sounding success. Anyway, the day went on rather well.

I woke up at about 9.00am. Had curry noodles for breakfast. Drove to Jusco at about 10.20am and arrived in a record 10 minutes from Gunung Rapat. Met Calvyn, Timothy, Bryan and Jared. Was talking about Modern Warfare 2 with Jared Ee. Totally awesome conversation which resulted in reminisce of our achievements in that game. Kudos to Infinity Ward for the Hollywood like storyline, kill moves, weapons, etc. Anyway, a while later, Hamim and RJ Kevin arrived. Officially, the hang out began.

First stop was McDonalds. Timothy had to grab breakfast. In the middle of the conversation, I received a call from INTI UC regarding the Youth Empowerment Camp. Perfect timing. And the best part, the area was so noisy that it was near to impossible to hear what the person on the other line was saying. Still, I managed to make out the details rather clearly after I used the power of the SMS. XD! Later, we went to the cinema to catch 2012. It's a must see disaster movie which totally cans New Moon back to the stone age (yeah.....New Moon is total crap). Forget what the critics say, it's got insane destruction sequences. However, the disaster looks so plausible that one can't help but wonder, is this how the world ends?

I got a call from my dad about an hour before the movie ended. It seems that his car had some engine difficulties and he needed mine. Ran out of the cinema and rushed halfway across town in record time. I must have been the fastest teenager on the road at that moment. Was speeding along Tiger Lane at 140km/h weaving in and out of traffic (never ever laugh at my Mitsubishi Pajero). I even shot past my mum who was on the same road 'coincidentally'. Got reprimanded but came up with a reasonable excuse. "I wasn't going fast. The other cars were all going slow." It didn't really work though. Later, my mum sent me back to Jusco. Still had about half an hour before the movie ended. Sadly, I forgot to take the ticket from RJ so, I was stuck outside the cinema for about........ half and hour. XD!

Had lunch at McD....again. Then, we went to Imax for some friend bonding time in the form of Counter- Strike and Left 4 Dead 2. Really amazed at the rate of which Timothy mastered the technique of sniping. Nearly gave everyone of us a head shot until we studied his strategy and used it to our advantage. Sorry Timothy, at times, sniping doesn't really work when you've given away your position. XD! Left 4 Dead 2 was one of the most challenging games I've played. Basically, it's the result of a massive swarm of undead specimens and not nearly enough bullets to dispatch all of them. Hero of the entire game was Jared who coordinated and saved my ass way too many times. Thanks! But yeah, decapitating the evil dead is a task he is extremely good at.

Finally, the day ended with a simple yet silent bang. Met many other friends while I was there namely Keeran, Li Tng, Harold, Malcolm, Yean Kit, Ho Zhen and Darren. Went for dinner at Pasir Pinji where they sell the most delicious tasting Chinese Cuisine. Don't really remember the name of the restaurant though. Anyway, that's all for the day.


Timothy : What do you mean face cramp? I'm chewing my food la. Jeez, no better picture to take?

At Imax. Photo courtesy of Jared Ee a.k.a Calvyn's Bro.

Bumped into Keeran and Li Tng (not in shot). Shopping for some Christmas goods I think.


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