Double Happiness

AHEM!! Just an additional note, joy does come in pairs. Went to buy a new camera earlier. Budget must be under 2 grand so DSLR? Out of the question. Originally, my bro and I, after much researching (about 15 minutes) settled on a Sony Cybershot T700 as our next requisition. But the funniest thing happened at the shop. Seriously:

Location : Sony Style Centre in Ipoh.
*conversation between me and the salesperson.

Salesperson : Yes, can I help you?
Me : Yeah, I'd like to see the Sony Cybershot T700.
Salesperson : Cybershot T700?
Me : Yes, that one.
Salesperson : (Asks supervisor about the camera) Erm.... Sorry but we do not have any in stock.
Me : Oh....ok, can you let me know when the new stock will arrive?
Salesperson : Err....We no longer order stock. It's out of date already.
Me : ???????????????
Salesperson : Can I offer you a T90, sir?
Me : No thank you. Erm... What camera, a digital camera, can I buy with a under RM2000 budget?
Salesperson : Like that ar? Then, may I recommend the Cybershot TX-1?
Me : What's that? (terminator camera....XD!)
Salesperson : This is the newest Cybershot to enter the market. Full touchscreen with......( too long to list features)
Me : Really that good? Hmmmm....I'll think about it.

(15 minutes later, I bought it....XD!)

Yes, the salesperson was very convincing. But it is indeed a lovely camera. Compact and portable, any which is an added bonus especially when mobility is needed. Yes, the price is a bit steep at RM1500 but it's well worth it. The touch screen may take a while to get used to but think Iphone and all will go well. Takes great shots no matter how dark the area military grade technology, my friend. In your face, US Sec Def!!!!

I also got a pair of new spectacles. Crocodile, full titanium with H.R.I lenses. Really comfortable and it weighs only a quarter of my old glasses' weight. Extremely comfortable. It's like I'm not wearing glasses at all.

So, I guess sometimes, good things do come in pairs. Best gifts to ever be acquired and requisitioned, if you know what I mean. So, it really represents the amazing things which actually happen, if you believe. So never give up hope no matter what. Even if you don't get what you want now, you will get it eventually.


Sony Cybershot TX-1. Finally, an awesome camera to take pictures with.

Mood shot of the leather casing, courtesy of Kenny Liew.

Crocodile All Titanium Glasses. That's right, I got a new pair of spectacles.

Seriously, it's made of titanium.

TA-DA! All Rimless glasses. Quite classy. Just my 2 cents though.

Air weight frame. Gotta take care of it. Costs a bomb to make.


SJ said…
tat's a nice specs

A smile from SJ =)
Thomas Liew said…
Thanks Sue Jean.
Yeah, I love them a lot. So lightweight and comfortable. XD!

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