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Penang Trip 2009

Had a great trip to Penang. Sorry the post have to come 5 months late......again.....XD!Well, shots were taken with the 'then' new Sony Cybershot TX-1 so to those planning to buy one, these are the quality of the shots. All the best!

A Must See

Well, first things first. My old friend Kuan Yew is back from KL. A pleasant surprise I must say. He'll be here until the 24th so to all of his old buddies, if you want to hang out or shear a rug, by all means, don't hesitate to give him a ring.

Anyway, we went out for a movie. Kuan Yew bought the tickets for the show earlier so, we were spared the horror of a 'sold out'. The movie, I have to say has got to be James Cameron's best. Not gonna say much as I might 'accidentally' reveal a spoiler. So if you're free and have nothing much to do during the holidays, just drop by your local cineplex and catch this must see movie. It's guaranteed to touch the hearts of the masses.


Timothy's Back

Left - Right : Bryan Sjoeker, HamimFarhan, Timothy Ong, CalvynEe, Me, YoongXiang and RJ Kevin.

Went to Jusco today. Timothy came back from Taiping for a visit. Host for the event was CalvynEe Han Xen. Honestly , I thought not many people would be showing up but this is one time I'm proud to be proven wrong. Kudos to Calvyn for planning such an awesome outing. Kudos to his effort in making this outing a sounding success. Anyway, the day went on rather well.

I woke up at about 9.00am. Had curry noodles for breakfast. Drove to Jusco at about 10.20am and arrived in a record 10 minutes from GunungRapat. Met Calvyn, Timothy, Bryan and Jared. Was talking about Modern Warfare 2 with Jared Ee. Totally awesome conversation which resulted in reminisce of our achievements in that game. Kudos to Infinity Ward for the Hollywood like storyline, kill moves, weapons, etc. Anyway, a while later, Hamim and RJ Kevin arrived. Officially, the hang out began.

First stop was McDonalds. Timothy had to grab b…

Double Happiness

AHEM!! Just an additional note, joy does come in pairs. Went to buy a new camera earlier. Budget must be under 2 grand so DSLR? Out of the question. Originally, my bro and I, after much researching (about 15 minutes) settled on a Sony Cybershot T700 as our next requisition. But the funniest thing happened at the shop. Seriously:

Location : Sony Style Centre in Ipoh.
*conversation between me and the salesperson.

Salesperson : Yes, can I help you?
Me : Yeah, I'd like to see the Sony Cybershot T700.
Salesperson : Cybershot T700?
Me : Yes, that one.
Salesperson : (Asks supervisor about the camera) Erm.... Sorry but we do not have any in stock.
Me : Oh....ok, can you let me know when the new stock will arrive?
Salesperson : Err....We no longer order stock. It's out of date already.
Me : ???????????????
Salesperson : Can I offer you a T90, sir?
Me : No thank you. Erm... What camera, a digital camera, can I buy with a under RM2000 budget?
Salesperson : Like that ar? Then, may I recommend the Cyb…