Officially Street Legal

little update ladies and gentlemen. I'm officially street legal. Another milestone in my life.
However, there is a lot to learn and already learned with this new found achievement. some of them, are really painful to learn and discover. Namely,

- 'Friendly' road users.
- 'Cheap' and reasonable fuel prices.
- 'High-Quality' road facilities.
- 'Low cost' of maintenance.
- 'Compassionate' fellow drivers.

*Highlighted to emphasise sarcasm.

A few days ago, a fellow driver, after seeing the frustration etched all over my face as I alighted from my vehicle, "Ahh, you're a new driver I see. Well then, allow me to welcome you to Malaysian driving!"

The type of drivers you get on the road today are all $#*!%. I mean, would it kill you to move your finger, 1 inch to activate the indicator lights every time you want to turn? It's not that hard. And do you mind not hogging up the whole 2 lanes? I know it's your grandfathers road but it's my grandfathers road too along with all the other drivers. And for %#!* sake, when will you realise that the parking zone with the wheelchair sign on it is for the disabled. If you're not disabled, don't park there. It's basic elementary ladies and gentlemen. Yet, some road users just don't get it. Either it's just Malaysian mentality or their skulls are too thick and hollow.

But overall, it's indeed a great feeling to be able to drive. Most importantly, I no longer have to trouble my parents in the issue of transporting me to any location I may require to go to. I've began driving to school lately. Heh! Heh! The fact that I actually make it to school in one piece is a testament of how adamant I make it for SPM!!! (yeah...right) So far, I've not had any infractions, nor have I dented or demolished my vehicle. But I have however, increased the fuel consumption of all the cars. No idea how that really happened but yeah, I'm down to 1 tank of fuel per week.

Well, don't really know what to say now so, enjoy the pictures below.

Yep, it's Japanese. And it's a seal of originality

Yep, it's a four wheel drive. As in the off road vehicle kind. Hell yeah! Urban off roader.

This wheel is made out of rubber and woven kevlar. Built to crush anything under it. I'm not joking.

Ahem! The reason this car looks small is because I'm holding the camera over my head. XD!

A shot from the door which I usually enter from. Heh! Heh!

A 2.4 litre, 4-cylinder inline diesel engine with an intercooler turbo shown as the silver block. About 170bhp at 3000rpm. Just enough to beat Malaysian traffic.

So, is driving amazing? I say....



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